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    1983 FJ60 in Virginia

    sold sold it sat thanks guys....look for me on the 40 page
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    1983 FJ60 in Virginia

    im selling my 1983 fj60. ome heavy, aussie locker, bumpers, sliders, roof rack, new knuckle and axle bearings, brakes, and much more see all the work done $2500.00 OBO Thanks Dan PM, email @
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    Fj40/45 &fj60/62 parts

    pm sent on the springs...can you post some pics.. Thanks Dan
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    If you could paint your 40 any color what would it be?

    heres mine.....
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    my 78 fj40 build-up if i can get a set of landcruiser front fenders and turn signals it will look even better....
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    i like my ome on my 60 and im probably going to get the ome just have to get the extra cash....i like the color too i think it makes the truck look cool...
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    heres some pics of it installed....i also added my first base coat of the color....
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    setbacks had a few setbacks. since the truck has basiccally sat for w few years and the water pump was bad. i replaced it the hoses and radiator cap. took a 70 mile journey which with flow and pressure the radiator looked as if it had a hundred tiny holes. so new radiator upper hose and put...
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    1974 FJ40 Part Out

    front fenders, bib and lights email sent Thanks Dan
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    FJ 40 parts Charlotte NC

    fender do you have both sides or just one? pm sent thanks Dan
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    FJ40 Parts/Oregon

    2nd in line for fan sent
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    exhaust should be here this week....lift to debating what to a fre has there safari lift on sale for 915 plus 150 shipping while i can get an ome from iron pig offroad here in va for 50 shipping and i have to pick it up an about 1.5 hr drive each way... difference...
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    heres the new water pump and part of casting that needed to be groubd down is circled....brole both bolts in thermostat housing...came out thermostat and gaskets in....
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    here is the fuel pump and water pump
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    some work had some leaks...and low voltage...alternator checked out so replaced the voltage regulator now 13.89 at idle....fuel pump weak so replaced with kyosan....water pump leaking from weep hole and bearing sounded rough....replaced with new artex(sp) had an issue with the casting...had to...
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    Brand New ConFerr RackMate w/floor-$200

    pm sent
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    ALOT of FJ40 Parts for sale

    pm on the sliders and front lights....also the mats if you got them still
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    my 78 fj40 build-up trying we shall see....the cool thing about the 40 is that everything is so basic...manual everything...easy to get to train mounts make access easy....buncha switches...nothing fancy...just the way i like it...oh i to get a radio too..i guess box...
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    my 78 fj40 build-up

    mike...thanks...its just a start....more body rust than id like but it will do...i live in not to far away...just pm me if you need anything
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