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  1. george_tlc

    What did you get your 80 for Christmas?

    Just waiting for my son to send the pin stuff for the ends so I can bolt it up. Steering damper. Still running the original, so will be interesting if there's any noticeable change. He's already provided a variety of King stickers for me to choose from, so it can "look the part" :hillbilly...
  2. george_tlc

    LX Starter Removal & Reinstall

    My sig has my website - with my writeup. The writeup is also linked early on in this thread (post #3). cheers, george.
  3. george_tlc

    LX Starter Removal & Reinstall

    Good luck trying from that direction on a petrol 4.5L starter :rofl: cheers, george.
  4. george_tlc

    Integral Vacuum System to Keep my LC Clean

    Earlier this year I spent a few weeks in the DV desert - lots of dust in the silt beds. Used my 12V hard wired compressor (that feeds a tank) to blow dust off things. That silt powder is 'fine' and 'sticky'. You can have much higher PSI as compressed air versus trying to suck - you can only...
  5. george_tlc

    Rock sliders

    Made mine 20+ years ago and a few for locals, many moons ago when 80's were new and nothing was 'off the shelf'. I recycled the aluminium 'step' parts from original ARB steps. Has worked well to aid getting in/out of the vehicle, especially when...
  6. george_tlc

    OEM Lockers and the rear actuator vent

    Seriously, I'm here to point out that the newer 80's have the breathers pretty high up already. So, folk that see this thread can figure out what they're facing based on model year. Clearly toyota at some point figured out to lengthen the breathers OR if you aren't the original owner, a PO may...
  7. george_tlc

    OEM Lockers and the rear actuator vent

    No, I did read it and figured you had an older and lesser model year, j/k Cheers, George
  8. george_tlc

    OEM Lockers and the rear actuator vent

    Had the wrong link (that one was 20+ yrs ago :) The difflock actuator link of 15+ yrs ago :) cheers, george.
  9. george_tlc

    OEM Lockers and the rear actuator vent

    From at least 15 years ago :) cheers, george.
  10. george_tlc

    Electrical grounding

    ^ Consider that most grounds in the vehicle are to body panels, having a well grounded body is critical for those ground connections. Lots of painted metal, so Toyota clearly identified ground mounting points on various panels to ensure good ground coverage. The block is a primary ground...
  11. george_tlc

    Alternator not turning on?

    9V at the battery is a dead battery that might only be able to slow crank the starter... I can't imagine a battery that has 9V on it after a few minutes of running could have actually been able to start the engine in the first place. I assume you're using a decent meter and probing right on the...
  12. george_tlc

    Long range fuel tank

    In oz, if you actually go out into desert areas, the penalty of NOT having the extra fuel range is not making it there and certainly not making it back due to lack of range. I'd rather have extra fuel in tanks under the vehicle versus a bunch of jerry cans strapped down and dealing with...
  13. george_tlc

    Any clue what the part number is on this

    Dayco 5060705 is what I use on my s/c 80. cheers, george.
  14. george_tlc

    Carry a lot of extra weight and looking for better daily driving ride quality....

    OME use to be the bees knees. Their lower cost shocks are pretty stiff. These days there's many options out there for little more money and better ride. As post #2 suggests, a call to dobinsons and I agree. Also as per post #7, wouldn't hurt to get your 80 weighed. Then you can provide some...
  15. george_tlc

    Carry a lot of extra weight and looking for better daily driving ride quality....

    Springs are done. Your 1st pic shows maybe 1" between the rubber bump stop and the axle coil seat. Bit of a bump and you're on the bump stop. Probably the same on the other side and the rears are likely not much better. Shock in the first picture looks stock/original. There's at least one...
  16. george_tlc

    Charging issues not the battery or alternator?

    I wouldn't trust an "alternator is good" / "alternator is bad" test done at an autoparts place. Put a multimeter (on DC volts) ground probe on the engine block (scratch to make good electrical contact) and the positive probe directly on the Hot output of the alternator with the engine running...
  17. george_tlc

    making hole in outer fender panel for snorkel - best method ? Did several the same day. cheers, george.
  18. george_tlc

    Preparing For Corrugations/Wash Boards/Road Ripples

    Simulating a corrugated road at speed. No nuns injured during the testing. Smooth body shocks overheat in minutes under less 'stress'. You do get something for your money when you move to remote reservoirs and other bells and whistles. cheers, george.
  19. george_tlc

    Preparing For Corrugations/Wash Boards/Road Ripples

    I drove to the crater in March this year via Titus. I didn't notice anything 'bad' about the roads, but then I've driven many tens of thousands of miles on oz corrugated roads and many of those have what I call truck corrugations - super nasty and huge stuff. Anyhow, #1 is air down the tyres...
  20. george_tlc

    Fuel smell

    Replace the hoses - they are available from toyota. I'd be also replacing a lot of other hoses throughout the vehicle. Hot climate, rubber perishes, vehicle is old... cheers, george.
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