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  1. rockwell421

    SAE Assembly Lamps & Lenses

    Hey folks, I'm having a tricky time finding the following parts for my 1996 Land Cruiser Prado SX KZJ71W-MET. I was wondering if someone from the community can help me find these so that I can enjoy this little warthog! These must be yellow and have the SAE mark so that they can pass the...
  2. rockwell421

    KZJ71 RHD-Spare Parts

    Hey folks, I just picked up this 1996 KZJ71 Prado SX RHD (light duty). The truck is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I'm looking for a supplier/distributor for parts like brake pads and kingpin components (the safety inspection was complaining about the ball joints even though this model...
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