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  1. yotarunner

    Need some help, looking to buy an 84 model

    I have someone I know looking to sell his 84 60 series. It’s never been modified, has 129k miles on it, 4spd and AC. I have a 95 80 series so I don’t know a ton about the 60s. The rig is extremely nice except rust on the back corner and dog legs. The underneath is just surface rust. It’s...
  2. yotarunner

    AC leak issue

    I haven't had AC in my 95 since I bought it. The compressor had went out so the previous owner removed it and put the old compressor and lines in a box. I bought a new Denso compressor, new seal kit and belt. I put new seals in both ends of the lines, vacuumed it out, charged with argon and...
  3. yotarunner

    Adding heated seats/ new covers and have some questions

    I'm ordering some seat covers through LSeat to clean up my interior some. I want to add heated seats, but noticed in the install of the covers you have to use hog rings in the middle of the seat bottom. How do you do this with the heated seat pad in place or do i need to order a certain...
  4. yotarunner

    AC components

    The previous owner had removed the AC from my 95 and I want to put it back with new components. Does anyone have a diagram of what all parts is needed by chance? I need to see what I need to find used or buy new. Any help is appreciated.
  5. yotarunner

    Anyone running the Coastal Offroad rear bumper?

    Looking for pics and reviews of the Coastal Offroad rear bumper. Anyone have one?
  6. yotarunner

    1995 Instrument Cluster questions

    My odometer and trip meter quit working in my 95 80 series a month ago. I picked up another one which appears to be identical but not sure what year it was from. I plugged it in yesterday and over half of the lights weren't working, the turn signal was on...etc, gas gauge was dead...etc...
  7. yotarunner

    Wanted 80 Series speedo cluster

    I am in need of a working cluster for my 80 series. My odometer and trip meter have both stopped. Mileage doesnt matter to me. Thanks in advance
  8. yotarunner

    TRD wheel fitment issues

    I researched before i bought my TRD baja style 16" wheels and there were several on here that have them with no issues. I bought the 1.5" spidertrax spacers and the fronts work perfect. The rear is where i'm having an issue. The axle nuts are hitting a lip inside the wheel and not letting it...
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