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  1. RockhounderRig

    Location, location, location!

    Hi, saying Central Washington is like saying, “I’m from the Coast.” Which could mean anywhere from Bellevue to Forks. I’m near Ellensburg. Are there any Cruisineers in my area?
  2. RockhounderRig

    Too Much Heat!

    All stock except power steering and maybe front seats.
  3. RockhounderRig

    Too Much Heat!

    I am generally a VW bus guy. I recently traded a 1960 bus for a 1976 FJ 40 to take up in the hills rockhounding. Now there is no heat in a VW bus. I can’t figure out how to turn the heat off in my Cruiser. I’ve tried all the switched on the dash and the lever in all positions on the heater. It’s...
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