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    Use 2 Intake/Exhaust Gaskets on 78 FJ40?

    I'm re-doing up my 78 FJ40's intake/exhaust gasket this morning to fix leaks and a burned gasket, along with a general emissions tune-up so I can pass CA smog tests. Is the smart set-up when using stock intake and exhaust manifolds to run two I/E gaskets? What torque do you use with the two...
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    My 78 Fj40- a few images

    Here's a few images of my recent re-sprayed 78. It's running a stock 2f. Mods include OME springs, shocks and Conferr shackles and old school 1978 vintage Warn winch. 33x12.5 rubber all around. It lived a ruggd off-road life in the desert southwest of Zion, Utah for many years, but now that it's...
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    CA Smog Check time for my FJ40- any suggestions?

    I need to smog test my stock 2F 49-state, non catalytic 130,000 mile 78 FJ40 this week, and am looking for any suggestions to help pass. I'm in Santa Cruz which doesn't have as stringent a test as other areas in the state: i.e. no rolling dyno, just an idle sniff and a 2500 rpm sniff, plus a...
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    Searching for FJ40 factory trim color codes

    I found this thread doing a search on paint codes. Great thread.;action=display;threadid=230 But it leaves me with a few questions I'd like to start in a new thread. I have an FJ40, '78 that I am doing a full original factory color respray. It's all...
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