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    Golf ball meets lower rear gate

    Not the way I thought a golf ball would damage the truck, but...apparently it got loose in the back and rolled down beside the plastic cover and into the well. And apparently when someone tried to lower the gate and felt resistance, they kept pushing until this happened. I will likely have to...
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    The Fun Wagon has arrived!

    I've been chasing one of these down for a while and finally took delivery of a 1990 FJ62 yesterday. It joins its younger brother, a 2018 LC200 ("Sarge"), and its "cousin", a 1983 CJ7 ("CJ"), and my girls have aptly named it the Fun Wagon. I was lucky to find one with zero rust, a great...
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    Wanted white FJ62

    In the (crowded) market for a FJ62 and looking specifically for the following: '89-'90 Automatic transmission White (wife/daughters demand) No rust As original as possible less than 250k miles I don't mind the torn seat, ratty carpet, or cracked dash, but I don't need a frame/body/mechanical...
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    A Tale of Two 62s

    Thanks in advance to those taking time to respond and help others. I currently own a 200 and am looking at two different 62s to drive a few times a week, the occasional mountain/beach weekend trip, let my teens learn some basic maintenance skills, and hand over in a couple of year. Car A - no...
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    Wanted WTB: Rock Warrior wheels (4 or 5) (Atlanta area?)

    Upgrading wheels on a new (to me) 2018 LC and hoping to find a set. Let me know what you have and how much you want, including any necessary shipping. Thanks.
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    New member getting into my first 200

    Stumbled upon this forum several months ago when first considering upgrading to either the LC or LX (or GX). After months of looking, I've narrowed it down to a low mileage '16 LC versus a similarly low mileage '18 LC. A few thousand dollars different, but same CPO warranty. Aside from losing 2...
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