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    O1 Tacoma Wheel Question

    Hey guys, looked everywhere for this answer but couldn't find it anywhere. I was wondering if 07 fj cruiser wheels will fit on my 01 tacoma TRD. The bolt pattern looks correct but I dont know about the backspacing. Any info would be appreciated and if anyone is running this setup let me know how...
  2. J

    Non-original Distributor ID

    I have the delco dist. and am having major problems with it at the moment. I can have it timed but it only lasts a few days or so. I am also craking caps and ruining points like crazy. Any suggestions as to what the problem is or do I just need a new dist.
  3. J

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    I just need one that will work on a Nov. 1977 2F engine. I am not sure of the model or the number but here is a pic of the one I think I need. If the link doesnt work it is on the Specter off road page and is the...
  4. J

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Distributor Needed I am looking for a used distributor for a 77 fj-40. The one I have currently is a piece and is worn out. In fact it is not even a lancruiser dist., which is probably the problem. If any of you have an old distributor laying about from a conversion or such let me know. I am...
  5. J

    rebuild of a 3spd xfer case

    Good luck. The manuals are a great help and are quite detailed. Me and Russmanx did a rebuild this last december. Went well and did most of it without the manual.
  6. J

    warn 8274 died :(

    Good luck Russy. Better get it fixed soon so you can pull me out this weekend.
  7. J

    Rancho Shocks

    Save some money and just go with the 5000's, good shock for a good price.
  8. J

    Valentine's Day drawing.

    Sounds like a good thing to me--count me in!
  9. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Sounds good to me. thanks
  10. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Money is sent thanks
  11. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    I hope you mean the panels, and yes i still want them. I will get payment sent soon. Thanks
  12. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    That will be fine. I will get the payment sent sometime this week. thanks.
  13. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Im deer hunting this weekend so i will do the paypal thing on monday or tuesday allright. Thanks
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    Rolling chasis and rancho lft kit

    Not so sure about the lift as i just sunk some money into some body panels, so i will let you know in a few days. If not keep us all posted on any other lifts and parts you may have.
  15. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Posted my address and what not in an email to ya. So let me know whats up. Thanks
  16. J

    Repairing door bottoms????

    Canada cruisers also offers bottom replacement door skins. Check em out at I also need to do this to my cruiser so good luck to ya.
  17. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Romerk, sent you an email about the panels as i am still interested. Thanks.
  18. J

    Rolling chasis and rancho lft kit

    I would be interested in the lift. Let me know what shipping costs to Cedar City Utah 84720 would be? Thanks
  19. J

    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Where are you located? If close i would consider picking up if not how much for shipping to 84720?
  20. J

    pinnacle lift kits

    JT outfitters offes a 2.5 or 4 inch lift kit that looks like a good price for what is included. They call it the Pinnacle Enginering lift. Is there anyone out there who is running this lift and if so how do you like it? Just getting some opinions before buying a lift kit. Here is a link to...
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