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    Rev counter/Tacho

    Any of you guys have any ideas of how to fit a rev counter/tacho on my Bj40 diesel with out taking the counter from the front pully The one i fitted to the front pully doesnt wwork to well in the mud and it gets bent out of shape with the muck thats picked up n dont work till we redo the bracket...
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    Axle straps

    Does anyone have photos or can recomend the best location to install them Yesterday i jumped over a Gully n the front drive shaft came out when it was airbourne I have seen the Landrover ones n the position is not good as they pick up mud n branches along the way [they hang down to low After...
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    Hilux p/s on BJ 40

    The first pic is the standard one on my Soft top The resr are pics of the installation ,but as its installed some details are not clear The only major mod was to change the angle of the steering box to line up with the original one Word of caution when you put the flex joint in make shure you...
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    Saw a few comments on washer bottle location on the 80 cruisedr section Our Bj40 has the Engine comp prety filled up with no room for the original bottle. We found that the rear washer plastic collapasable one fro the Isuzu trooper works fine, its with its own pump n will wireup to the BJ wiring...
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    Bilstein shocks

    Well after lots of deliberations n time on web sites i have decided to go with Bilstein 5150 shocks, for our SOA conversion ,the best price i can find is us 100 a pc Can any body help withe the valving spec ,they offer them with 2 different valving settings 1, 170/60 2, 255/70 About like my...
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    SOA questions

    We have sent our BJ40 to the work shop to start a SOA conversion n we would like some input on 2 items 1. we need some info on shocks for this conversion,we are using standard springs and dont want to use any extended shackles if possible [should give us a lift of about 5.5ins] what size shocks...
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    Ground Anchors

    At the moment i am using 3 car half shafts that are about 1mt long and have cut a point on the shaft end and cut a hole for shackle on the flange end They work quite well n we can use them in tandem for hard recovery work in soft soil/sand if we get out n they get stuck we can easly pull them...
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    bj 40 transfer unit

    HI AGAIN ,HOPE EVERY BODY HAD A GOOD CHRISTMAS AND I WISH EVERY ONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR I have just recieved my chris present,ita a 1979 [reg] BJ40.completely rebuilt,soft top It has a B engine and is fitted with a electric solonoid cut off on the fuel pump,turns off engine at the ignition switch...
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    Toyota BJ40

    Hi, > I wonder if anyone can help us, > We have raised the suspension 4ins on our BJ40[1979] > and fitted 35x10.5x15 Simex Extreme Trackers > and have a problem with the tyres hitting the front > fenders when the suspension bottoms out or the axle is > aticulating over rough tracks. > we need...
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