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    71 FJ40 frame off resto project

    hey man, nice resto. You are a source of inspiration to me... Have to get going on mine.
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    I need a little motivation

    thanks for the tip on the pilot puller. Also, the idea of using a cherry picker to support from the top sounds great, and U will get to pull the tunnel to do a little rehab on the floor. I once crushed my finger between an engine and trans, so hopefully I can avoid doing that again...
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    I need a little motivation

    it is definitely the clutch. It slips when I accelerate. I wish it was the slave since that is easy. Either way I dont think it is too difficult. Just dealing with the million pound transmission transfer combination.
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    I need a little motivation

    Well, It has been a while since I posted on the forums here because it has been a while since I have run the cruiser at all. I have a 1975 fj40 that is all stock except for minitruck front outers and a chevy rear disc conversion. In '06 the clutch went and I was at a bit of a hectic stage...
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    ORION HD Lookie Lookie

    It looks like you have 3 hands in this picture!
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    Teardrop trailer

    takes anywhere from 2k 3k watts and 20 amps. it can be done on a 2k yamaha.
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    2F serial number info...

    VIN - FJ40197611 Build date - 4/75. I will get the motor info tomorow, since I am in ed right now. Kind of sick that the vin is committed to memory, but my wife's birthday is always a ?
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    1 GR-FE engine in an FJ40 need help / ideas!

    Pick and pulls around here seem to only have older foreign vehicles or late model domestics. The foreign bone yards act like what they are selling is made of gold, and they are not u-pull it. I am kind of hoping to get a rolled, salvage vehicle since all the electronics need to go also. I am...
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    1 GR-FE engine in an FJ40 need help / ideas!

    I have been toying with this idea for some time (since I bought my 4runner and fell in love with the motor). What I am in need of is a source for an engine, trans, and transfer out of a 2003 - now 4runner. I already have the recipient vehicle. I have been searching, but I have not been able...
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    Hello All! Scottdale PA in the house.

    I just wanted to drop a line an say hello. Your boy Tom tracked me down. I have a green 75 FJ40 and I have owned it since 2002. It is drivable, but aching for an aluminum body. I have don the power steering and a 4 wheel brake swap for disks. Other than that, I like to burn oil and bang...
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    my new purchase needs an exhaust. it is a 1980 mini with a 6' bed and a 20r. any tricks of the trade i should be aware of? any suggestions where i should route the exhaust?
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    wiper motor separation from linkage

    ok, it is really easy. easier than it seems (if i am not mistaken about your question). Take about a 14 mm open ended wrench. Doesn't have to be 14, just something that will fit around the little ball part. use this like a pry bar. it should just pop apart for you. A little muscle won't...
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    Cheap Drills ....&%$§"

    go to your local ace hardware and talk to the old guy that works there that you know you can trust. tell him what you are going to be doing and he will set you up. I was going to buy a complete set up to 3/4 for like half a grand when this old timer told me to go with the ace set. they are...
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    Front Bumper

    all you guys are way out friggin east. seems like no one is in the sw corner of the state. too many jeeps out here.
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    Coil suspension in a 70's 40.

    what about early bronco coils?
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    Front Bumper

    where at in pa?
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    Drive Shaft Out of Phase

    um, when you say it is 90 degrees out of phase, what exactly do you mean. I do believe, correct me if i am wrong, that the ujoints should be sort of , well, staggerd. i mean that when one, lets say the driveshaft yoke at the diff is vertical, the driveshaft yoke at the case should be...
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    Sleeping Bag recommendation

    i have a marmot that was the display at the backpacking shop. it was a 250 dollar bag and i got it for 125. it is rated for 0 and it ain't kidding. I am happy with it and it is a down bag. i think you would be happy with the marmot, but if you don't like the idea of a mummy, it may not be...
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    Wiring in a Tach

    go to a boat shop. they have sweet fuse boxes for way cheaper than anywhere and they generally are pretty weatherproof. they often have fused circuits and simple buss bars so it makes connecting stuff a breeze too. ten circuit with ATC fuses for $22.00 here.
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    What spray gun do you use?

    i like the devilbiss OMX gravity feed gun and the sata. pressure pot is nice, especially if you run a hose that iis long from the pot. you only have to drag around 2 hoses and the one can be an el cheapo vinyl line. As for making a booth, use plastic sheeting stapled across the rafters in...
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