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    Engine trouble

    Yesterday, while out wheeling, an ongoing problem raised its ugly head again. I have had this problem for some time and have not found the cause or the solution yet. I hope that one of you motor heads can help me out. The problem I have is a loss of power when the engine gets hot. When the...
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    Front Disk Kit, Whose should I go with?

    Mini Truck is the best deal for the $$$. I just finished my conversion and it was a lot easier than I thought. Here is a price list: Knuckles '80 Toy truck=$100 Gasket Kit=$29 '86 4Runner Calipers (loaded) @ NAPA=$61ea/$122 total '81 LC FJ40 Rotors @ Kragen=$51ea/$102 total '79 LC FJ40...
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    Mini Disc Problems

    Well today I jumped in the truck and went for a good test drive. I didn't get a half mile from the house when I noticed the brakes were locking up. At first I thought it was the rear brakes but it turned out to be the fronts! I limped it home and switched out the MC back to the original for my...
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    Mini Disc Problems

    My research showed that even though the Celica was significantly smaller and lighter, the MC still produced the same volume as the mini truck. Both bores were 7/8". The larger bore (15/16") was used on other vehicles. I am almost sure that the MC I selected was from a Celica with four wheel...
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    Mini Disc Problems

    I am completing a mini truck disc brake conversion on my ’72 FJ40 and have run into a problem. The problem is in the rear brakes. They don’t lock up :dunno:. I changed the stock MC to a unit out of a ’83 Celica. That car should have had disc front and drum rear. I have a feeling that the...
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    electric fan

    I just finished installing an electric fan in my '72 FJ40. I found that at 600-900 rpm, the solid fan did not draw enough air to effectively cool the stock F engine. In order to get enough room to put the fan in I had to move the radiator support forward 3/4". This gave me exactly 4 1/4" from...
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    Power Steering Conversion Kits

    I went with TPI when I did my Saginaw conversion. I sourced the box and pump from a '66 Caprice. Some kits have a box and pump incluced. TPI had everything that I needed and I like the one stop shoping. I found after I had completed the conversion that the drop pitman arm had too much drop...
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    For Sale FJ 40 parts

    Where are you located?
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    Saginaw pump

    I too ran into the same problem. I bought a "Power Steering Pump Pulley Puller" from Harbor Freight and solved all my problems. I tried the three jaw puller thingy and all it did was bend the snot out of the pulley. After I bought the correct one, I spent a whopping 2 minutes to remove the...
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    Chevy drive train questions

    I went on a poker run yesterday and talked to two cruiser owners that are running carburated 305's. Both like the 305 and have had no problems with lack of power issues. Also neither had problems with overheating after re-coring thier stock LC radiator to a four core model. Both were running...
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    Chevy drive train questions

    I will be definatley selling the F engine that is in there now. The engine is real good, the four speed tranny is what has prompted the conversion. In the three + years that I have had this engine I have replaced the exhuast manifold, oil pan, starter, distributor, alternator, crank pulley...
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    Chevy drive train questions

    Thanks Woody and Niner for your responses. Today I looked at a '78 Nova with a 305/TH350 with the thought of using this drive train in my cruiser. I have seen some cruisers running a 305 with good success. A friend of mine expained that the 305 is the same block as a 327/350 with same crank...
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    Chevy drive train questions

    I am getting ready to ditch my Toyota drive train and swap in a Chevy engine and transmission. My thoughts are SBC 305 or 350 with a TH350 or TH400. I have other cruisers run a similar combination with good success. My questions for those of you who have done this conversion is: 1. Will the...
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    v-8 conversion

    Could you dump the clutch fan and go with an electric puller type fan? I believe BTB has one that fits a stock LC rad. I too am in the process of getting everthing together for a SBC conversion. I have choosen to put an auto behind it though. Any thoughts on running a TH350 or TH400 in a...
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    3 speed gears in a 4 speed case

    Thanks for all of the info and pictures. I think that this the direction that I will take. Now to find a good spare four speed case. Thanks again
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    3 speed gears in a 4 speed case

    I am looking for info on putting 3 speed gears in a 4 speed case. The tech info here does not have an article covering that process. Are there any other sites that might have the info or is can anyone here explain the process. thanks :)
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    WTB: Shifter Parts I am looking for all of the parts to convert a three speed t-case from vacuum shift to mechanical floor shift. I believe that the parts from a four speed will also work. Thanks
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    Vacuum Shifter Conversion

    I thought it might work but needed some confirmation. I checked out SOR and they show two different part numbers for that piece. One is for a three speed and the other is for a four speed. Thanks a lot. One more project to start.
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    Vacuum Shifter Conversion

    What parts do I need to convert from a vacuum shift t-case to a mechanical shift t-case? I found a conversion kit at Man-A-Fre but they want big $$$$'s. The case that I am building is out of a '70. I do have a complete case from a '78 including all of the mechanical shifter parts. Will the...
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    Transmission Swap Options

    I have been considering all of my options and I think that I will try to make my LC four speed work for a few more months. I eventually want to run a 350/400/Marlin Crawler combination in this truck so changing to an Chevy manual tranny right now just doesn't make sense. I don't know what I...
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