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  1. vegasfj40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Just did a nice drive out to Cabezon today! Beautiful day in New Mexico!
  2. vegasfj40

    New engine harness, now won’t start

    Are you getting a yellow check engine light when you turn the ignition to the On position?
  3. vegasfj40

    New Engine: Which Parts to Buy / Reuse?

    Timing chain, tensioner and guides. New injectors if you can afford them. Or send yours to RC Engineering to get rebuilt. Fuel filter. Main Engine harness or insepect yours thoroughly and make necessary repairs.
  4. vegasfj40

    New Member 97 FZJ 80 40th Anniversary Edition

    Wow! Looks fantastic! How many miles? You'll want to get some frame protection when you get it back east.
  5. vegasfj40

    Pulling engine - condenser question

    I cant seem to find my pictures of when I pulled the engine from my 95 a couple of years ago. I did not seperate the condensor. I pulled the hood and was able to lift it high enough to clear the condenser. I think I was able to move it downward enough to clear. The garage I have is a 2 story...
  6. vegasfj40

    5 Knuckle Jobs Later... Still Leaking

    Oh yeah, This could be it too as you replaced spindles.
  7. vegasfj40

    5 Knuckle Jobs Later... Still Leaking

    So if everything was fine before you did the job, the housing is probably fine. I would maybe mic the diameter of the new axles vs your originals. Axle fluid is getting past the seal. Have you tried going back to your original Birfs? Also, are both sides leaking at the same rate?
  8. vegasfj40

    What did Toyota get right with the 80 series frame?

    The frame on my 95 80 is still like new! The desert air sure helps!
  9. vegasfj40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Fixed my broken driver's side mirror. The tabs on the post were broken and one of the hangers on the motor were broken.
  10. vegasfj40

    Engine rattling noise at light throttle, any ideas

    Mine also did the same thing before I did the head gasket. Valve stem seals were leaking and lots of carbon on the pistons. Noise went away after the job was completed. I had the injectors rebuilt at RC engineering. Truck currently has 230k and runs perfect!
  11. vegasfj40

    help me spend my money - 80 or gx

    Build both! I put a mild lift and 265 65 BFG KO2s on my 19 GX. Increased my carrying capacity a little as I occasionally tow a Casita RV trailer. I did sacrifice a little bit of ride quality but it's still a really nice truck on road trips.
  12. vegasfj40

    If I was to start all over again, I would...

    The speedo is spot on now. I did change the speedo gear to match the Tcase gears and tire size. I don't carry a lot of weight. I also did the cylinder head so everything associated with that job was replaced including fuel injectors, vacuum hoses etc. Mileage varies with elevation, wind etc...
  13. vegasfj40

    If I was to start all over again, I would...

    It's a Frontrunner Half rack.
  14. vegasfj40

    If I was to start all over again, I would...

    Yes. I dont drive much over 70.
  15. vegasfj40

    If I was to start all over again, I would...

    Since my last post on this thread 3 years ago, I've added WK sliders, front ARB bumper, cylinder head job with new OE engine harness, upgraded to 285 BFG KO2s, 7 pin mod and under driven Tcase gears. Just drove it back to NM from our place in Vegas and still gets 15 to 17 mpg. I've been...
  16. vegasfj40

    Droopy Sun Visor Solutions

    Are originals not available anymore? I bought a pair a few years ago.
  17. vegasfj40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Just drove my 80 back from our place in Las Vegas NV to our place in New Mexico! Got almost 18 mpg with a 20 mph tail wind the whole way!
  18. vegasfj40

    Poll: What size tires are you running?

    285s BFGs on stock rims. Mild lift. Not a daily driver.
  19. vegasfj40

    P0420 Exhaust Leak Bubbles Between Cats 1 and 2.

    I had the same issues a couple of years ago. I tried sealing between the cats. I didnt have any leaks at the Y. Ended up replacing the rear cat with a new OE cat and that solved it. What surprised me was Toyota had no core charge on the new cat! So I got 125 bucks for my old one at the...
  20. vegasfj40

    "Chasing MPG in my 80 series Lx450" How I increased my gas mileage.

    I am usually at 15 to 16 on the hwy. Usually cruising around 65 to 70. But like others have said, I don't drive it daily.
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