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  1. landcruisnman

    Wanted FJ60 axles complete

    Looking for a set of FJ60(not 62) axles front and rear(3:73 gearing) to put on an FJ55. I can pay to ship from anywhere. Don’t want super rusty set please. Let me know....Located in SoCal. Pat Email Thanks!!!!
  2. landcruisnman

    For Sale 94 Locked SoCal sale or trade?

    im going to be selling my 80 in January. Just finishing up some base lining and putting a stereo in and it’ll be available. 1994 FZJ80 Locked 233k Icon 3” lift HG done All leaks sealed Front axle resealed/packed Both driveline redone/new U-joints AC works good 4x4 Labs rear bumper(going to...
  3. landcruisnman

    craigslist 2 FJ55s Eugene, OR

    saw these two. Almost pulled the trigger, but then I realized I’ve already got projects. He wants $5k for both but I think he’ll take less... his contact: Tim 541-246-4387
  4. landcruisnman

    1982 BJ40......value??

    I'm looking at possibly buying this rig. Said rust repair was done and runs good. Has a B motor. What is a typical price for a descent one of these?
  5. landcruisnman

    What motor is this?

    I’m looking at a 66 FJ40 to buy and this is the motor in it. Looks like a 2F ? Can someone confirm and about what year? It’s still got the 3spd in it..
  6. landcruisnman

    Wanted FJ40 Fiberglass Lid for Hardtop SoCal

    I've got a 66 FJ40 that the fiberglass lid is waisted. Looking for another one. Will buy whole top if need be. I'm located in Oceanside.
  7. landcruisnman

    For Sale Rear Mud Flaps 94 FZJ80

    ive got a set of rear mud flaps from my 94 that I don’t need. $30 shipped CONUS..
  8. landcruisnman

    SOLD 06 Seqoia 17”Wheels / 265/70-17 Nittos San Diego

    ive got 30% tread Nitto Terra Grapplers on Factory sequoia wheels. Two caps are broke but you can get from eBay for $29. Looking for $300 for the set Pat 760-419-25nine zero
  9. landcruisnman

    Wanted Front non-locked Third 93-97 80series

    I have a bad third in my 96 FZJ80 and need to swap it out with a good one. Anyone parting out an 80? I'm in SoCal 92054. Can put in bucket for UPS... Let me know Pat
  10. landcruisnman

    Wanted 94+ front spindles and long inner axle

    ive got a 96 that the spindles and DS inner axle are so grooved that no seal would ever work. Anyone got descent ones they don't need? I'm at 92054 Thx Pat
  11. landcruisnman


    I'm selling my 45 project....see add in classifieds. For Sale: - selling my 64 SWB Fixed Hard Top FJ45 $13000
  12. landcruisnman

    For Sale Clamshell Heater.....Uber Rare

    I've got this posted in Classifieds.. For Sale: - Uber Rare Denso Clamshell Heater. T
  13. landcruisnman

    For Sale Uber Rare Denso Clamshell Heater. T

    I had a 63 FJ40 that had this in it. I've taken it apart to clean it and check the motor and it works. The copper looks good with only a couple bent fins. Restorable condition for sure. Super cool aluminum doors in front and casing in back. Looking for $500 shipped. Firm. Thx Pat
  14. landcruisnman

    For Sale 96 FZJ80 w/ 185k SoCal

    I've got a 96 that I bought and was going to build, but plans have changed. It's got 185k. CEL was on and the code said injector #6 bad. Also oil pressure gauge reading nothing. Runs great. Had plans to fix all oil leaks and re-seal and grease front axle min. I have parts to do all that. New OEM...
  15. landcruisnman

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 with 250k SoCal

    I've had this for a little while and had plans to make a fun camping rig, but need to get rid of a few cruisers since my main project is almost done. It's an 89 I got out of Texas, so no rust except for some surface on roof. Paint faded in many spots. It's got 250k and runs fine. Dash is not...
  16. landcruisnman

    For Sale selling my 64 SWB Fixed Hard Top FJ45

    After a long debate in my head, it's time for my project to go. See thread when I got it.... 64 SWB Fixed top has arrived Hoping to get $13,000 for it with the extra stuff....
  17. landcruisnman

    Wanted 60/62 DS Tail Light Assemblyand all side marker lights

    Just picked up an 88 FJ62 and need to replace all cracked lights...... Anyone?
  18. landcruisnman

    For Sale 1971 F Motor Complete

    **SOLD*******I've got a 71 F Motor. Runs good. Had a small leak out rear main. It's got a 69 long Runner Intake, good Downey header, Aisin Carb, dual pulleys, later alternator, PS pump, Petronix ignition, remote oil filter, 3spd bell housing with a fairly recent clutch, new oil pan thermostat...
  19. landcruisnman

    For Sale F motor fan shroud

    this came off a 64 FJ45....,$50 shipped conus...
  20. landcruisnman

    For Sale SOLD***F motor Offenhauser dual carb intake w/ exhaust manifold and vintage carter carbs

    I picked this up a couple years ago and didn't end up using an F motor. This is for an F motor and comes with carb rebuild kits. Exhaust manifold outside bolt bolt missing outside edge, but using a washer when mounting you'd be fine..$150 shipped conus...
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