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  1. Michael B

    A little club goodness

  2. Michael B

    I finally get the shop I have wanted for too long

    After years/decades of wanting and needing a shop I signed a contract on 9 June. I will be building a 40x50X12 pole barn on the site pictured here in my back yard. It will have a full length 10’ wide covered porch on the front with a 20x50 concrete pad on the back side, to sit the green metal...
  3. Michael B

    Wanted 78’ fuel filler neck elbow

    I need the fuel filler neck rubber elbow to fit my 78’ 45?
  4. Michael B

    For Sale Sold Al 75’ FJ 40 rear seat belts

    These have been in the weather a long time but the buckles still work. $25.00 obo plus shipping.
  5. Michael B

    HJ47 radiator with a 12HT question

    In 2017 I completed my 78' 45 build where I installed a 12HT as part of the complete frame off rebuild. I used a Champion aluminum radiator and with some modifications it fit ok and has worked well thus far. But now after 11k miles the radiator is weeping in several places. I want to disarm...
  6. Michael B

    GM 1956 GMC gets an upgrade or two!

    I have started a new project. I have had an itch to build a 55/56 GMC for a very long time. Well the time has come to scratch that itch. I searched for a few months and finally found one in north east Washington state. It had very little rust, an original running drive train for a reasonable...
  7. Michael B

    Wanted Al, Complete jack handle for 1978 40/45 series

    I'm looking for a complete jack handle (all 3 pieces) to fit my 78' 45.
  8. Michael B

    Wanted Jack handle pieces

    I need the hooked end of the jack handle and the crank for my 78' 45. Thanks, Michael B <><
  9. Michael B

    Wanted 78' 40/45 horn

    I need the left side horn for an FJ40/45.
  10. Michael B

    For Sale 78' FJ45 RHD driver seat frame

    I have a 78' RHD driver seat frame that is unrestored and in good condition. This seat frame has the provision for the head rest hardware. I have salvaged the head rest hardware from a set of 40 seats and are available for an additional $25.00. The seat frame is $125.00. All pricing is plus...
  11. Michael B

    For Sale 78' FJ45 RHD drivers seat frame

    As stated I have 78' RHD drivers seat frame with slide mechanisms. It is unrestored and in good condition. It also has the factory holes for the head rest. I have the head rest parts available for an additional $25.00. The seat frame is $125.00. All prices are plus shipping.
  12. Michael B

    Overlanding beginner looking for GPS information

    I'm starting to outfit my rig for overlanding and am looking for a good GPS unit. Recommendations and why would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Michael B

    12HT wiring help

    Guys I have a 12v alternator externally regulated on my 12HT in my 78' 45. I need help wiring the plug for the alternator. Pictured below is what I have to work with along with the appropriate plug.
  14. Michael B

    Wanted 72' FJ40 fuel line fitting

    I need the 13mm nut that attaches the fuel line to the fuel tank. This would be found on 72' and older 40/45's.
  15. Michael B

    Fuel tank connection size?

    On the older fuel tank (72' and older) what size is the supply connection? I'm having trouble determining the diameter and thread pitch. I also don't want to get robbed buy SOR. I'm sorry but $45.00 for 2 pieces of brass plus their shipping and handling charges are not acceptable!
  16. Michael B

    Wanted 79' or newer FJ40 hood latch

    I have recently had to upgrade my 78' 45 with a 79' + bib. So I need all of the components for the safety latch mechanism.
  17. Michael B

    FJ45 gas tank alternative

    Has anyone tried CCOT's 68/72 "Snorkel tank" in a 45. The fuel neck looks correct. Does anyone know if it fits into the floor depression properly or if the fuel supply and return lines will work in a pre 79' 45?
  18. Michael B

    HJ45 heater valve placement

    I have upgraded my 78' FJ45 with a 12HT. I could use some good pictures showing the placement of the H style heater valve. Also is the F style Warm Pull cable a different length than the H style cable or are they all the same? Thanks in advance for all of your help.
  19. Michael B

    Wanted 78' heater light

    I'm looking for the underdash light for the heater controls on a 78' 40/45.
  20. Michael B

    Help needed with tailgate latch installation

    I have a pair of NOS tailgate latches I'm installing on my @Awl_TEQ tailgate. The latches will not slip behind the tailgate frame or under the latch bar coming in from the bed. The latch bar is fully extended toward the tailgate and the latch mechanism is adjusted all the way to the left. Take a...
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