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  1. Unimogguy

    For Sale 1962 STOUT x 2

    Not mine no affiliation.
  2. Unimogguy

    For Sale Yelm, WA 1967 FJ-45

    New one just got posted. Log into Facebook -
  3. Unimogguy

    For Sale 1966 FJ-45 spring green patina

    So which one of you got this? I tried calling and texting Joel with no response. Then he responds several days later and says it sold. Ugh…
  4. Unimogguy

    For Sale LV parts (rear taillight lense and spare tire carrier)

    Not mine no affiliation I don’t know if the prices are good or not?
  5. Unimogguy

    For Sale 1987 75 Summerville, SC

    Not mine and no affiliation.
  6. Unimogguy

    Wanted 1963 FJ-40/45 parts needed

    I’m currently looking to purchase the following: -Stamped bezel “Land Cruiser” -Silver backed gauge cluster (early 60’s) -Red seat belts (only need 1 male end non buckle side) -Steering wheel -Horn button internals -Defrost vents -Defrost deflector -Heater (Eaton, Nippon-Denso...
  7. Unimogguy

    For Sale 1960 FJ-25 SA on BAT
  8. Unimogguy

    For Sale VA. 2 x FJ-55 bodies with limited parts.

    I have 2 (‘76 & ‘78) FJ-55 shells with limited parts on them. Check the pics for anything you might potentially need. Axles, transmission, transfer case, engine not for sale. Not shown are headliner bows.
  9. Unimogguy

    Wanted Parts for 1963 FJ-45 SWB

    In an effort to not make multiple posts for items I need I’m going to just make one post. Red seat belts Steering wheel Horn button Defrost vents Defrost deflector Heater (Eaton, Nippon-Denso, Clamshell, etc) Window handle knob Key set (ignition, doors) Door stopper Door handle inside Acorn...
  10. Unimogguy

    Wanted 1963 FJ-45 SWB Rear view Mirror

    Hello, I’m in need of a small 3 hole mirror for my ‘63 SWB restoration. Please PM me. Looks like the images below. thank you in advance!
  11. Unimogguy

    SOLD SD-40 Big window carb

    I’m currently restoring a 1963 SWB FJ45 Fixed Top and the engine I have doesn’t have a carb on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Unimogguy

    For Sale Facebook FJ-25’s for sale

    Not mine. I have no association with it. 1962 Toyota Landcruiser -
  13. Unimogguy

    BaT OK 1976 FJ-55

    Not mine....
  14. Unimogguy

    eBay Alpine, AZ 1961 Toyota FJ-25
  15. Unimogguy

    For Sale FACEBOOK FJ-40's from around the US

    Bored at work....sorry I didn't have time to break them out into individual ads like OAKWEB does. Props to him! I wish there was a tab for FACEBOOK like there is for Craigslist and EBAY. I tried to leave out any of the "high" priced 40's (obviously this is subjective). Several have original...
  16. Unimogguy

    For Sale FACEBOOK several different 45's

    I have no affiliation or interest in any of the following:
  17. Unimogguy

    For Sale FACEBOOK several different 55's

    I have no affiliation or interest in any of the following:
  18. Unimogguy

    eBay Florida 1970+ FJ-55

    Not mine No Affiliation...
  19. Unimogguy


    I meant to post this sooner...I’m leaving VA today (10-03-20) and heading to CA then turning around and driving back to VA (10-08-20)I’m happy to try and help however I can. I’m going to be picking up a FJ-45 bed so I should have some extra room on the trailer. I’m willing to tow up to a...
  20. Unimogguy

    eBay 1969 Toyota FJ-55 Inline 6 3 Speed Manual

    Not mine. No affiliation. Here's one with only a couple hours left: Currently @ $10,100. Hasn't met reserve.
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