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  1. Uluabob

    Help ID part name

    Hello Mud crew, I need to replace the thin black rubber thingy that goes around the inner exterior perimeter of the door windows. I can’t find it on the parts diagrams clearly shown and can’t find a part #. All four of mine are split and shrunken and missing in sections which makes a lot of...
  2. Uluabob

    So you say you spun your nutcerts

    OK Mud, So I am trying to remove my OEM roof rack from my '96, as a half banana mechanic I figured even this was something I couldn't screw up. Well I proved myself wrong. So in reading the other various threads on this topic, I believe I have spun the nut certs on three out of the four corners...
  3. Uluabob

    Wanted 80 Series Air Bag Sensor Module

    Want to buy working Air Bag Sensor module, if working and not generating codes for my 1996 80
  4. Uluabob

    Basket Roof Rack Choices

    Hey all, I am looking for a basket style roof rack for my 80. l love the classic safari truck look, and dislike the "modern" look of the bowfin style racks, and have no plans for RTT or the like. It seems like the ARB "classic" basket rack is the main option available. Also Ironman 4x4 has...
  5. Uluabob

    U Joints and PM

    Hey all, Half banana mechanic question here. So I am going to be having my U joints replaced (going OEM). I have intermittent vibrations at various speeds and RPMs post 3" lift (Icon Stage 1), and have done the Delta FRAs and panhard bracket. So question is while doing the U joints are there...
  6. Uluabob

    Hungry Valley Pronghorn Trail Wall Love Bump

    So I took the kiddos up to Hungry Valley last weekend with two buddies of mine who also have 80's for a little off road family fun. We had a blast, my fourth off roading trip since baselining my 80 over the last couple years, and first trip since getting my WKOR sliders installed, and finally...
  7. Uluabob

    Under Carpet Barrier Stuff

    OK so a bit of a dumb question, but three years in still baselining my 96. When I bought the rig I noticed that the D ring cargo tie downs in the trunk were pretty rusty, but after poking around recently in the rear of the truck I pulled up the carpet to discover that it was more than the D...
  8. Uluabob

    Bolts and Ground Wire Help

    So in poking around my engine bay and comparing against a buddy's 80 I noticed two bolts and a ground wire attaching to the firewall holding up the heater control valve and hoses at the back of the engine bay. Mine are missing completely only the central bolts are in place. In the attached...
  9. Uluabob

    '96 80 Wont Stay Running

    Hey all, So my '96, 195,000 miles, battery little less than 2 years old, my daily driver that I have poured a lot of money into in the last two years having the brake system what feels like everything else rebuilt or replaced (fuel system is untouched to my knowledge). Recent history: I drive it...
  10. Uluabob

    Wanted 80 Series Stock Roof Rack Cross Beam brackets

    Hey all, My 80 series stock roof rack came to me missing the brackets which hold the cross bars in place. Mine has the cross bars and the oval shaped attachment to the side rails, but nothing to hold the cross bars in the rail attachments, so the cross bars fit, but pop out regularly. My...
  11. Uluabob

    ABS Thoughts

    Hey all, So I am a year into my 80 series ownership and have dropped a lot into my 96 to get her roadworthy as I regularly drive my kids in it, and nearly all of my driving is on road currently. When acquired I had a mechanic overhaul a lot of the stuff including "rebuilding" the brakes which...
  12. Uluabob

    Plate under Belts Stock?

    So when poking around under my 96 the other day my buddy noted that mine does not have the same steel plate mounted below the front of the engine below the belts protecting them like his 96 has. I can't find a diagram showing this plate to get a part number to track one down and I've searched a...
  13. Uluabob

    Name that Tune!! (mystery cruiser noise) with video

    So my cruiser: 1996 cruiser, white, stock, locked, fourth possibly fifth owner, 187K miles. CA original vehicle been in Oregon last ten years, bought from dealer in Portland and shipped back to Cali. So since the cruiser arrived I took to a local mechanic and they did the following: Oil...
  14. Uluabob

    Complete and Utter Newbie

    Howdy everyone, I am a new to me 80 series owner, and complete and utter newbie at cruisers and car maintenance in general. I apologize in advance for my total beginner-ness but I am trying to learn and this forum is a key part of that process. So my cruiser: 1996 cruiser, white, stock, locked...
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