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  1. umpqua

    Center Console

    A search has immediately revealed it. I’ll keep looking. What‘s the go to on a bj75 center console? The hand brake seems to be the limiter at around 6” of width clearance . Thanks for any intel.
  2. umpqua

    Cut Fenders

    I have removed the fender flares from my 40. The fender was cut and rivets were used to attach the flares. I need to find material with the little lip under the fender well to weld in and paint. Any leads or experience with this? Cruiser Corps has complete fenders for ~$250 each. I could cut out...
  3. umpqua

    Return to Ark

    Headed back to W Arkansas after a 20 year stay in Oregon. Will be adding 3 more Land Cruisers to the state. What's the intel on the TEQ Razorback sticker? Hopefully will meet some of you in the woods.
  4. umpqua

    MUDShip 2 trucks - Oregon to Arkansas

    I have a Troopy and 62 that I plan to ship from OR to AR in mid-July. The 40 will trailer behind the moving truck. I've posted on the 70 and 60 series pages. I plan to use u-ship to find a carrier. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.....Rodney
  5. umpqua

    Vehicle Move

    I plan to ship two land cruisers mid-July from Oregon to Arkansas. A 62 and a Troopy. I will trailer the 40 behind the moving truck. I have found a "load board" called u-ship and I plan to post there to find a carrier. Any comment on past experience with shippers would be appreciated. Thank...
  6. umpqua

    Vehicle Move

    I plan to move two land cruisers from Oregon to Arkansas mid-July. A 62 and a Troopy. I will trailer the 40 behind the moving truck. Does anyone have experience with shipping companies? I found a "load board" site called U-ship and I plan to post there to find a carrier. Any comment on past...
  7. umpqua

    Between the seats Fridge

    Has anyone installed a fridge between the front seats in a troopy? If so, what did you use I assume that it fit? Any intel is appreciated.
  8. umpqua

    60 pricing
  9. umpqua

    SOLD Nice 60 in Vancouver, WA

    I was out driving neighborhoods this weekend and saw this 60 for sale on the street. Stopped and spoke to the owner. He's had the truck for 19 years. Third owner. It had ~180k when he bought it and it now has 230k. I looked all over the truck. "Very clean". No rust. Two small on the...
  10. umpqua

    24v Off Road Lights

    Does anyone have suggestion on 24v off road lighting? Not real interested in LED and would like an old school look with covers. I'm not finding a lot (any) in 24v. Apparently looking in the wrong place. Thanks.
  11. umpqua

    For Sale $115K Troopy
  12. umpqua

    Jump Start - 24v

    My truck is 24v. If my batteries are dead, what is the procedure to jump start from a 12v car with jumper cables? Would the procedure be the same if the 24v was used to jump start a dead 12v truck? Thank you.
  13. umpqua

    Meet Up - Migration Brewing - May 11th

    PDX Car Campers is hosting a Vendor Fair at Migration Brewing in Gresham on Saturday, May 11th from 10am-5pm. The address is 18188 NE Wilkes Road, Gresham 97230 Here Events Archive - PDX Overlanders is the link to the soiree. I plan to be there around 11am and then hopefully head out to...
  14. umpqua

    Crawfish Boil

    Crawfish Boil Saturday, April 27th in SE. 2pm on. PM me for details.
  15. umpqua

    For Sale Troopy

    Not mine, don't know the seller but saw it on the Troop Carriers FB page. I know people will jump this but I hope the seller gets his price. Looks clean and no rust. Asking $40k! but will negotiate...
  16. umpqua

    Meetup - March 10th

    I hope that you don't mind me posting here. This is set for March 10th. Hopefully we can have a good turnout......7-8 people have committed. We aren't a "club", just some rag tag guys that have land cruisers. Hope you can make it...
  17. umpqua

    For Sale Bend Troopy

    Sorry if already posted. Must be a Mud member. Feeling better all the time. Hope the seller gets his price. Looks like a nice one.
  18. umpqua

    For Sale 70 Series Seats

    I have some seats that I took out of a BJ75. The passenger side is in pretty good shape. The drivers side is going to need some work. I'm flexible on the price. Maybe some beer money but I'm not going to be able to ship. Northwest Overland Rally or maybe Expo West. Portland Oregon.
  19. umpqua

    Meetup 3/10 @ Level Beer: Let's get the band back together

    Anyone interested in another meetup? Maybe sometime in March?
  20. umpqua

    Wanted TEQ Sticker

    Teq sticker to replace arb bumper sticker. The Mud vendor is out of stock.
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