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  1. jkilcullen

    Rear brake pad fitment issues

    This is my second rear brake job on my 200 and the last time I had the same issue... Rear pads literally don't fit inside the bracket. Last time I used a little angle grinder to clearance the autozone pads I had grabbed in a pinch, it worked for a last minute pad slap and went about 50k miles...
  2. jkilcullen

    May have found a Good Deal for Someone!

    Not sure if anyone is in the market for a brand new 200 but saw this up for sale at the dealership I bought my 200 from. They don't really know land cruisers and must have accidentally gotten this but either way its a '17 brand new old stock in Black on Black for 71k. Been priced this way for at...
  3. jkilcullen

    Rear locker manual engage?

    Hey everyone, so my LX450 has had a slow to engage rear locker since I bought it. 2 years ago I pulled the actuator and found it in terrible condition I completely disassembled cleaned lubed reassembled with instruction I found here somewhere. Thanks! ... fast forward to today. Diff lock stopped...
  4. jkilcullen

    Wanted Rustand Dent free 80 Series doors or a spotless shell

    Prefer green 6m1 Land Cruiser doors. but tell me what you have, may consider different colors may consider entire clean bodies or rolling chassis for the right price. I'm located in the Midwest but not scared to travel or have the right item shipped. Must be absolutely rust and dent free to...
  5. jkilcullen

    FLAT TOW A 200??? ARE YOU CRAZY??? I AM!

    Well at least crazy enough to think about it. Soooo.... I have an 80 that I am getting prepped to tow 4 down behind my RV for an upcoming trip to CO. My wife asked me the question: "Can we bring the white truck instead?" ... White truck being our 2013 Land Cruiser. She asks this for a simple...
  6. jkilcullen

    2013 maintenance required reset

    I've tried the odo/trip button sequence I've seen posted here maybe I'm doing it wrong. But I doubt that since its the same procedure as my older Lexus vehicles. Did something change for '13 plus? Or could someone elaborate on the process? I'm just turning acc on by a single click of start stop...
  7. jkilcullen

    Anyone Here Trade this 2013 in on a 2015 last week in Ottawa IL?

    Got what I thought to be a great deal on a 2013 200 Series today. Blizzard over tan. Not sure what options were available in this year but it has every bell and whistle I can think of. High miles, like really high lol... 127k feel sorry for the guy that puts on 40k+ a year but at least he was...
  8. jkilcullen

    Jacuzzi J-375 Not Heating

    With snow approaching Saturday here in Chicago along with temps in the 20's I need to get this baby up and rocking asap. I was hoping someone here could maybe give me a couple tips on directions to look first. I'm working on my 2005 Jacuzzi Model J375 and can't get it to heat. I have the...
  9. jkilcullen

    craigslist LX470 20 PASSENDGER STRETCH LIMO $42k in IL

    Found this on CL here in Chicago today. No affiliation. 2004 Lexus SUV Limousine
  10. jkilcullen

    Mac OSX Map Software Recommendations?

    Hey everybody, First off I have a Kenwood DNX571 with Garmin Nav in the dash for on road turn by turn. I also use my Motorola Droid Maxx with Google Maps for on road or walking around town. So I'm double covered there. Off subject for this post but I would love to hear if someone has been...
  11. jkilcullen

    Fused Power Distribtution Options?

    I have searched and haven't been able to locate anything specific to what I need. I want a single distribution/fuse box for all my new goodies. Fridge, Inverter, Compressor and Stereo Amp. My plan is to run 0 gauge from aux battery in engine compartment to rear of truck. The 0 gauge will be...
  12. jkilcullen

    For Sale Feeler (5) 315/75/16 MTR's and Factory LX450 Wheels Near Chicago

    Considering moving to a 17 wheel. If I did would there be interest in 4 Old style MTR's mounted and balanced on LX450 Wheels. 1 New style (bald) MT/R with Kevlar mounted on matching wheel. 4 MT/Rs have about half life and I will provide pictures of everything if there is interest. I was thinking...
  13. jkilcullen

    Rubicon 4th of July?

    Fellow Mudders, This is one of many efforts I'm making in an attempt to attract another hopeless soul who can't run Rubicon the weekend of Rubithon this year but can and wants to run it with me the following 4th of July Weekend. Longer than short is I'm going to be over 2000 miles from home on...
  14. jkilcullen

    craigslist Found on CL White LX450 on 40's in Chicagoland

    No affliation. But would love to have an excuse to go see this thing so if anyone out of state wants an independent evaluation I'll do my best. (technician by trade so I know what I'm looking at) Pretty sure if I had this kind of cash and I hadn't just ordered a ton of stuff for mine I would be...
  15. jkilcullen

    For Sale Need 1 or more OEM LX450 center caps

    As the title states, Ive been looking around and really don't want the made in China junk on ebay. I'd prefer to buy 2-3 but need 1 at a minimum. Send a pm if you have any to offer. Not interested in LC caps.
  16. jkilcullen

    Wanted Need 1 or more new or used OEM LX450 center caps

    As the title states, Ive been looking around and really don't want the made in China junk on ebay. I'd prefer to buy 2-3 but need 1 at a minimum. Send a pm if you have any to offer. Not interested in LC caps.
  17. jkilcullen

    Duiser Caster Plates

    Anyone running these? Review of qaulity, function and install? Eager to finally get my caster right as I just ordered new Ujoints front and rear and want to do both this coming weekend. Plates seem like the right direction as I'm running OME Mediums and 1 1/2 inch spacers and will likely be...
  18. jkilcullen

    For Sale CL find Chicago

    Looks clean and real low miles. Not associated but could try to go evaluate for interested mudder 2000 Toyota Land cruiser 104k
  19. jkilcullen

    MUDShip 80 Transport Needed June 2015 IL to OR

    Flexible on dates and looking for quotes to have my 80 transported open or enclosed to Portland, Oregon or Roseburg, OR where I am getting married next Summer. I live in far NW suburbs of Chicago and can bring the truck anywhere in Chicagoland or Rockford to load. Help me make our honeymoon...
  20. jkilcullen

    Craigslist find in Milwaukee WI 2007

    Priced right and relatively low miles. Not mine, not affiliated no nothing other than whats state in ad.
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