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    Need a way to carry bikes on the cruiser

    ttt After a year I'm not happy with the Thule 9031. Really messes up the top-tube cables and thrashes the finish on the frames. I'm looking for a rear 4-bike tray mount and also considering just the roof rack (and the sticker on the steering wheel reminding me that there are bikes on the roof).
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    Any ay to "undo" the effects of treat-based dog training?

    A well-meaning but unaware dog-sitter fed the poodle dog treats in exchange for poodle doing the basics (sit, stay and fetch). The poodle had been raised and trained by my kid, who only used praise. She wasn't allowed anywhere near humans when food was being consumed. Not at all a...
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    Need a way to carry bikes on the cruiser

    I use the Thule 9031 on the back of the LX450; it sticks way out there. Enough to clear the swingouts? I don't know. But it works for four bulky bikes.
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    Fixie Q&A's

    For the track, or just for buzzing around town spooking horses?
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    Almost got hit by a motorcycle yesterday (on my road bike)

    Maybe just a really bad driver altogether. Lucky he wasn't in a wide car.
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    got a new bike todayyy

    Is it a trick of the light, or is your seat tilted way down at the front?
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    How fast is Too Fast?

    Soooooooooooooo...then what happened? Did you spring your weight evenly over your pedals, drop deeper into a tuck, suspend anxiety and let it tick over to 50+? Or did you say ohshitfxxx, sit up, put the weight back on the saddle and let the wind drag you back down to crash=road rash but...
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    Just thinking out loud. The demographics are almost identical.
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    Fixed Gear Bikes

    Word on the street is that fixed/reversibles that cost $1,000 last Christmas will be practically free this Christmas. The market is saturated and last year's are sitting in the guest room with the home gym equipment now.
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    Broken windows (aka IH8thieves)

    My son and I replaced left side front window in the RHD 80. It was very helpful to have my son's (then age 4) small hands available. Be sure to have a vacuum handy to get out glass particles from inside the door frame. The drama was getting the moisture barrier off in one piece and...
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    vibration/shudder on acceleration

    Guys - thanks. My mechanic originally said he could find the wire; it was me who was worried about the possibility of it running into many hours of searching and thought maybe it would be easier just to replace the whole loom. I will let him have the truck in two weeks and report back. Thanks...
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    How fast is Too Fast?

    LOL - check the headset. If it is sound, see a chiropractor :D
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    How fast is Too Fast?

    Tilt your seat back just a touch. And try the hands off the bars thing on slight uphill grades. This will improve pedal stroke and increase quad power over the top of the pedal stroke. Then, even when leaning forward, your legs will be suspending your weight. Eventually you will be steering...
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    vibration/shudder on acceleration

    OK - I have the same symptoms on the 97 450 with 153K miles. I can nurse it up to 80mph and cruise all day on the flat; normal acceleration at any speed or an incline in the road sets off a shudder and loss of power. Trying to drive up a steep hill from a dead stop is like a comedy act. I...
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    How fast is Too Fast?

    I live at the top of a mountain and the fast way down is a two-mile, steep, straight, divided, wide and well-paved road. Unless I apply brakes, and I generally don't unless it is wet, and it's usually not wet, I am going 45-55 mph without thinking about it. I normally ride at about 85 lbs...
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    Cooking Tricks

    I put the buns on them after I take them out of the water.
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    New Puppy!

    Only a fool would draw conclusions from your premises.
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    Good dog for young kids...

    Wob's Asperger's joke of a few threads back is looking less and less like a joke and more and more like a bullseye.
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    Good dog for young kids...

    You sure prefer to go around the block to get next door.
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    New Puppy!

    I think the onus is on you to explain wtf you were talking about.
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