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  1. VTCruiser

    1993 FZJ80 - CEL for code 83

    My '93 has a CEL for code 83, which according to the FSM is an ECT ECU communication error for the ESA1 circuit. From what I've read, when all ECT ECU codes (83, 84, and 85) are thrown together it's usually a bad ECU, but I haven't found much info about code 83 alone. I replaced the ECU with new...
  2. VTCruiser

    For Sale [Tacoma, WA] "Garage Sale" - 60 Series, Misc.

    Clearing out the shop... All parts are located in Tacoma, WA. I am willing to ship at buyer's expense unless otherwise stated below. Only accepting payments via cash, PayPal, or Venmo. New items may be added in coming days as I go through additional boxes. TSM T-case parking brake kit, $100 –...
  3. VTCruiser

    For Sale WA: New OEM LH Bottom Front Seat Foam

    New OEM LH Bottom Front Seat Foam for JDM/European 80-series. Confirm fitment for you vehicle: Toyota P/N 71512-60040. Asking $150 plus shipping
  4. VTCruiser

    For Sale WA - 4x4Labs Ladder Attachment with Hi-lift mount

    Good used condition, powder-coated black. SOLD Please note, this is for the ladder attachment only and does not include the swing arm. Currently mounted to an FJ60 4x4Labs rear bumper. Ladder attachment
  5. VTCruiser

    Wanted FJ60 or FJ60 Dash Clock

    I'm looking for a 12v dash clock from either an FJ60 or FJ62. Thanks!
  6. VTCruiser

    Wanted FJ60 "TOYOTA" Emblem, antenna mount, fuse panel cover

    I'm looking for the following FJ60 parts shipped to 98402: "TOYOTA" emblem that mounts in the grill OE antenna mount - the small black plastic piece that sits on top of the passenger fender at the base of the antenna Brown dash fuse panel cover Thanks!
  7. VTCruiser

    For Sale (WA) Steering and Axle Parts

    I've got some spare parts from a recent front axle rebuild. All parts are located in Tacoma, WA. 1. 60/62 Steering Arms - SOLD Good used condition 2. Trail Gear Drive flange kit - SOLD New, in box, retails for $164 3. Stock birfields and axle shafts - SOLD Out of an 60/62 with cable...
  8. VTCruiser

    For Sale FS (VT): H55F/split t-case, plus free misc items

    All parts are located in East Dorset, VT and are ONLY available for shipping/pick-up between 10/5 - 10/11 by appointment! H55F/Split T-case: SOLD - Out of an 1986 HJ60 that through a rod. Believed to be in good working condition, though I can't verify that. Vacuum-shift t-case, and 2H bell...
  9. VTCruiser

    Belated Intro - Tacoma

    Hey folks, I moved out here from the east coast a year ago and I figure it's about time I introduce myself. I've been catching up on some maintenance since my cruiser was essentially parked for about 4 years while I was living and working overseas, but I'm hoping to get it in shape for some...
  10. VTCruiser

    Stumped by intermittent starting issues

    Background: 1986 HJ60 with 1HZ, converted to 12V with dual batteries Symptoms: The starter will not crank intermittently. Sometimes it cranks normally with good power, but other times when turning the key I hear one click and the voltage gauge drops, but the starter does not crank. When this...
  11. VTCruiser

    For Sale (WA, USA) National Luna Dual Battery Solenoid - New

    I have a brand-new National Luna dual battery solenoid for sale. I bought it last November from Equipt and never installed it. I thought my old one was faulty but discovered it was just a bad ground. It's not the kit, just the solenoid and some hardware as pictured. Retails for $140 plus...
  12. VTCruiser

    For Sale Misc. HJ60 and 1HZ parts, CT26 [VT, USA]

    Spring cleaning... All part sold or NLA CT26 Turbo: SOLD - All-American kit turbo for 1HZ, not a stock 1HD-T turbo. Low miles, CHRA only has about 3,500 miles, housings have maybe twice that. Intake air box lid with downward elbow for turbo: SOLD - fits 60 series air boxes. Also came with...
  13. VTCruiser

    For Sale Misc. and Rare Parts; H55F, CT26, more... [VT, USA]

    Spring cleaning... All parts sold or NLA. **NOTE: I decided to post the CT26 with other diesel parts in the diesel parts section and forgot change the title before submitting this posting. Here is the post for the CT26...
  14. VTCruiser

    For Sale [VT] 2H 6-Cyl Diesel for Parts or Rebuild

    Pulled from a 1986 Canadian-spec HJ60 with factory A/C. Threw a rod bearing at 195k miles and needs a complete rebuild. Complete, but partially disassembled. Sold As-Is. SOLD
  15. VTCruiser

    60-guy looking for alternator upgrade advice

    I've got a 1HZ in my HJ60 and I understand FZJ80 alternators are a direct bolt-on. I'm going to have to replace mine pretty soon and I thought I'd upgrade while I'm at it. I ran a couple searches and found the feedback on the Mean Greens are mixed at best, and I think I'd prefer an...
  16. VTCruiser

    100 Series Newb: best suspension setup for... Afghanistan?

    I am a long-time mudder, but this is my first post in the hundy section (I've got a 60). I've done a couple searches about suspension options already but couldn't a definitive answer that relates to my scenario, so sorry in advance if i'm :deadhorse:. I work for an NGO here in Kabul (landmine...
  17. VTCruiser

    Happy birthday, old man!

    Have a great birthday Marshall! I hope all is well!:beer:
  18. VTCruiser

    1HZ freeze plug block heater?

    Id really like to get a block heater installed this winter and I think a freeze plug style unit would be best for my application. Has anyone fitted one of these to a 1HZ? The 3B plug is apparently 35mm, and according to toyoDIY there is a 35mm freeze plug on the left side of the 1HZ at the #4...
  19. VTCruiser

    First aid kit on steep and cheap!

    FYI, right now there is a nice first aid kit on steep and cheap. It is similar to the one recently featured in Overland Journal, same brand anyway. If you miss it this time, check back, because its the second time it's been posted in two weeks. I bought one last week. Steep and Cheap...
  20. VTCruiser

    First Aid kit on Steep and Cheap!

    FYI, right now there is a nice first aid kit on steep and cheap. It is similar to the one recently featured in Overland Journal, same brand anyway. If you miss it this time, check back, because its the second time it's been posted in two weeks. I bought one last week. Steep and Cheap...
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