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  1. NorCalDoug

    Hey 97 land cruiser owner...I need a quick favor...

    Would someone with a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser mind taking a picture of the emissions info label - located on the underside of your hood, upper left corner - and posting it here? I'd like to compare the official numbers for the 97 LC vs. my 97 LX 450. Thanks in advance! :cheers:
  2. NorCalDoug

    1997 LX 450 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter CARB Woes...

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one or not, but let me share with everyone what I'm dealing with now... In late November 2009, I had an aftermarket catalytic converter installed on my 1997 LX 450. The shop I went to didn't have anything for the 1997 model, but they did have one which was approved...
  3. NorCalDoug

    Wanted Tan Leather Seats for FZJ80

    Looking for a set of front and/or 2nd row seats (not 3rd row). Leather must be in decent condition. :cheers:
  4. NorCalDoug

    whaaars mah staar???

    Hey Woody. Just noticed that my silver star's gone. I sent payment via paypal a couple weeks ago... I would've sent a PM, but I think I'd have to delete a bunch of PMs to do that... Cheers.
  5. NorCalDoug

    EGR Vacuum Modulator WTF? I'm in the process of replacing my VSV in the hopes that it'll cure the persistent P0401 that I'm suffering through... I removed the EGR vacuum modulator as part of the process and discovered the following... :confused: WTF? just wondering what might have caused...
  6. NorCalDoug

    For Sale Milford Cargo Barrier - 80 series (NIB)

    Milford Cargo Barrier - 80 series- NIB (New, In Box) Location: Roseville, CA (Sacramento area) Price: $750 + Shipping OR $700 for local pick up or MudShip (please see "MudShip Note" below) (yes, that's a $50 savings for you so I don't have to deal with hauling it to a shipper :) )...
  7. NorCalDoug

    Wanted Y-Pipe

    Okay...who's got a Y-Pipe for me? It needs to be from a 95-97 FZJ80. The Y-pipe is the section of the exhaust that runs from the manifold to the cats. It's a bolt-on/off piece. If you still have the bolts...those would be nice to have as well... The earlier years (93 & 94) won't work due...
  8. NorCalDoug

    1995 ford escort 1.9l engine died while running; will not start...

    Okay, so I was driving home from work in the 1995 ford escort given to us by my wife's grandmother the other day and the engine started to sputter, then it died as I was cruisin' along in traffic. I was only going about 35 mph at the time, so I put it in Neutral and coasted to a stop about 50...
  9. NorCalDoug

    downloadable threads?

    Hey Woody, Is there functionality available that allows for downloading threads? Something like the way we can download PMs into CSV, TXT, or whatever format?
  10. NorCalDoug

    freakin' websense filters...

    So...I've got this websense filter at work that blocks out some of the more amusing sites...including IH8MUD. but...not all forums are blocked. Pirate, for example isn't blocked. Would you have any idea what the difference is between how IH8MUD and pirate are set up or defined...
  11. NorCalDoug

    500 - Internal Server Error

    I'm sure you know, but just in case you don't... I'm seeing: 500 - Internal Server Error (in black font) at the bottom of some pages.
  12. NorCalDoug

    1997 FZJ 80 Air Intake Hose/Tube OEM Alternatives?

    Aside from OEM, does anyone know of alternatives that would work equally as well or better than OEM? I need to replace mine and would likely go OEM, but if there's something better, I'd be willing to take a look... Any thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?
  13. NorCalDoug

    banned from chat?

    :confused: what could I have possibly done??? [/LIST][/CENTER]
  14. NorCalDoug

    Rack & Pinion Bushing replacment?

    My brother-in-law's 99 Tacoma Pre-runner (2wd) may need the rack and pinionbushings replaced. There's a bit of movement when turning the steering wheel. He took it to a shop -- they quoted $300 to replace. No clicking or odd noises when steering...just some movement/play in the r&p mount...
  15. NorCalDoug

    1984 FJ60 in San Francisco - $800?

    No affilliation, but I've seen this rig in craigslist for quite a while now. IIRC, it was originally priced somewhere around $2k...but it's now down to $800. Just throwing it out to anyone who might be interested...
  16. NorCalDoug

    NorCal Wagons Rubicon Run 2006 #2

    No...your eyes aren't deceiving you -- we're rolling on the Rubicon again! :grinpimp: Some of us couldn't make the date work out for the August NorCal Wagons Rubicon trip...but there's no reason to go's time for the NorCal Wagons Rubicon Trail run of 2006 #2. We will start at...
  17. NorCalDoug

    How much does high heat affect battery life?

    My optima blue top that I bought 16 months ago started failing. For the past 4 or 5 days, it seemed to have a hard time fully recharging. I took a couple day-long trips -- more than enough time to charge the battery, but when I'd start her up in the morning, it seemed to have very low on...
  18. NorCalDoug

    Radiator Replacement Saga

    Well…what do you think it was? Some history… I’ve been experiencing some engine cooling issues since November 2005. I first noticed it while pulling my tent trailer to Surf-n-Turf 2005 – before then, I never had an issue. I really noticed a problem while pulling the same tent trailer to...
  19. NorCalDoug

    A/C Compressor Problem

    Not a huge's just not coming on. I searched the archives, but couldn't find anything specific to what I'm experiencing. I took the wife's 97 LX 450 to the A/C shop. They confirmed that there's plenty of refrigerant in the system. The A/C compressor is not coming on in Park...
  20. NorCalDoug

    R134? How much?

    How much should I buy? From where? I need a full charge for the AC on my 80. Last August, my AC dryer decided to not jump out of the way as I approached a large boulder...ALL my freon is gone. I'll be getting the work done in a couple weeks (after Moab), so I have some time to get what I...
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