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  1. Tapage

    Rear Door Cards

    Hello there .. I was looking to buy the factory rear door cards for my 76 series with the surprise there are nowhere to be available .. but like they never exist or been available .. There is close to factory look aftermarket replacement .? thanks ! David
  2. Tapage

    Zero Point Calibration

    Hello there .. For the past 8 months I was tortured by the skid and abs lights on my dash thanks to my ignorance .. Coming from old 60 and 80 series with virtually no electronics .. steering wheel sensor was a new thing to me. Well a little background. I replace my front coils on...
  3. Tapage

    Barn Door Table

    Hello folks .. Is there someone in the states that have this ? thanks !
  4. Tapage

    Rear Door Cargo Illumination

    Hello folks .. Since new the cargo doom light of Cleopatra seems to be useless to me when you open the cargo / trunk. I have the idea to run some sort of LED light bar on the top part of the wide door with a manual switch .. Does anyone have a setup / idea like that .?
  5. Tapage

    Wanted Looking for 84270-60040 and 84280-60020

    Hello there .. I'm looking for the part number described in the tittle .. those are the upper tail gate sensors for a 2008 LX570 thanks ! David
  6. Tapage

    On Board Battery Charger / Maintainer ( NOCO )

    Hello there .. I have a noco GEN 2 attached to my 2 batteries ( parallel ) on Tencha .. there days I'm not using her plain and simple and I take her out for a spin every weekend or so. I have the NOCO permanently attached to the interstate MTP 24 batteries and are lasting about 2 years ...
  7. Tapage

    My Catch Can after 5K km

    Well few weeks ago I did my first oil change on 5K mark for my VDJ76 .. I install the Catch Can before reaching the 200km so mostly from the very beginning .. This it's what I got from it after 5K Provent 200
  8. Tapage

    Rear Light Pole

    Anyone here with a solution like this one .?
  9. Tapage

    Power Antenna

    Once again here I go .. I replace the factory head unit on my 2018 VDJ76 .. all good but the power antenna. I check on the FSM and identify the 2 " antenna " wires on the factory plug .. those both wires are Ground according to my observations .. the other 3rd cable involved in the...
  10. Tapage


    Hello all ... forum should have an electronic section ..? ( maybe it is .. I just don't know where ? ) Here is my question / situation .. So I'm a LED freak and replacing every single bulb on my 76 face the turning lights .. since my model for some reason don't have ( or I've been unable...
  11. Tapage

    Tweeter Pods

    I realize this thread might be born dead .. just wonder if any 70 series cruiser owner have options to share about tweeter pods / locations on your Cruiser .. thanks ! David
  12. Tapage

    Small Aux / Second Battery

    Hello all .. Cleopatra = VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra have very limited engine bay free space .. in RHD the second or aux battery goes inline behind the main one on our drivers side .. the RHD version obviously have more space there since all brake and steering stuff it's on the other side ...
  13. Tapage

    1VD-FTV Remap

    I know I might not get much info on this topic here .. ( or anywhere actually ) .. Due to distance Remap / tune options for my VDJ seems to be complicated to me .. ( still doing the research and contacts in Australia ) so the option might be doing it myself .. Any lead or comment on that...
  14. Tapage

    Westralia Springs

    I'm looking and looking, I like the idea of parabolics and end here .. they have setup for 76 series and other 7* series .. Landcruiser 75 Series, 76 Series, 78 & 79 Series to be more specific .. prices are in check, actually really good, but...
  15. Tapage

    Builds VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra

    Well .. few of you may know me .. or see me around here more frequently lately .. Here is the reason .. Her name it's Cleopatra .. " Cleo " as she will be called in regular basics .. she's the new member of the family and for sure my first " brand sparkling new " Land Cruiser ...
  16. Tapage

    315/75 R16 on your 70 series ?

    If you have 315 in your 70 series, share with me your setup, wheels, and suspension .. thoughts about how they work for you .. thanks ! David
  17. Tapage

    315/75 R16 on 7" wheel ?

    Any with this attempt .? would like to see pics and your comments thanks ! David
  18. Tapage

    VDJ 76/78/79 Suspension Talk

    What are you using as suspension setup .? Let's say to clear 315 .? Superior Eng offer a 4" lift kit with Dobinson coils, but I wasn't able to locate those coils on the Dobinson site .. OME only offer per March2018 catalog 2" .. Are the 80 series coils / control arms close enough to...
  19. Tapage

    Rear Axle With Correction

    Just came across of this neat option .. and want to share it here .. Tru Tracker
  20. Tapage

    Drop Down Banner Add

    Hello .. today I'm getting this, but according to my user status ( if I read it right ) I'm still good in my silver plan .. Something change .?
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