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  1. inkpot

    HPP Lunds Parts, Pinion Yoke?

    Lots of Aussies on F B Groups. Check there?
  2. inkpot

    Fzj80 ob2 Bluetooth scanner

    I had the Ultra but it faded out so I got a Scangauge II. Seems to be holding up in the AZ sun. I mounted it on the dash and run it full time. I don't need to look for it or interrupt a call to see it. I have 2 gauges on the A pillar and everything is easy to see.
  3. inkpot

    Head Gasket Replacement *(2 Years Overdue)

    I usually get those last2 bolts by reaching under the exhaust manifold. It's a trick that ToolsRUs taught me.
  4. inkpot

    4x4Labs bumper swingout rattle

    Might be hard to tell from the pic I posted, but my latch sits at a 45 degree angle pulling the swing arm both down onto a Rilson landing pad anforward against a 1.5" tall anchor welded onto the deck. Kinda tucks it both directions.
  5. inkpot

    tire question

    We have about 2500 miles of trail, not roads, in the Tonto. Must be a few good ones in there somewhere? Most. Folks complain about street/highway performance with sockers over 37s. They can't understand that you can shift down manually and push the rpm up over 4000.. mine sees 4500+ in...
  6. inkpot

    Steering Knuckles leaking Diff oil after rebuild.

    Exactly. Some moly grease brands separate more than others.
  7. inkpot

    tire question

    Most of these rigs that wheel hard are running the low range underdrive gear set.
  8. inkpot

    Sideview mirror can't stay open

    Our shop has a different way of fixing the mirrors. We made a couple custom tools for it, but it doesn't require a lot of extra parts.
  9. inkpot

    Gearing option w/ OEM lockers

    Well, kinda. Lift allows for wheel travel. Upward travel We usually do a 4" lift for 37s. I am on 4" and 1" spring spacers, custom sway bar drops, and 2.5" bump stop spacers. When I am totally crossed up in the rocks I get a wee bit of rub in the top of my reat fenderwells, but no...
  10. inkpot

    tire question

    When I bought my rig it had 315s over 4.88s. So more rpm at a given speed than after I went to 37s. I did not notice any change in oil consumption when my average rpm dropped. We always do valve stem seals with every H G job. In about a dozen of these the oil consumption has dropped...
  11. inkpot

    tire question

    Yea, OK, whatever. It's already being done dude.
  12. inkpot

    A343 Seals While Its Out

    How many miles on the rig? Mine is dry at 254000.
  13. inkpot

    Steering Knuckles leaking Diff oil after rebuild.

    How much moly is in the knuckles? Should be 2/3 - 3/4 full.
  14. inkpot

    tire question

    I know several wheelers that run stock gears with 37s. Works fine if you learn how to use that lever between the seats. The 1fz is not afraid of running 3000-4000+ rpm.
  15. inkpot

    Sideview mirror can't stay open

    There are several repair methods. Should be here on Mud. Search 80 section for mirror repair? Pretty common.
  16. inkpot

    Gearing option w/ OEM lockers

    Lots of us run 4.88s over 37" tires on factory 3x locked rigs which results in a final drive ratio virtually the same as stock/original.
  17. inkpot

    1FZ-FE Supercharger whine - weird instagram video

    I have been considering a snorkel for a while, but really hate to cut up fender. How much did your intake air Temps drop? I typically run 40 to 50 degrees hotter than the ambient air temps.
  18. inkpot

    My wife tells me my 97 LX450 wanders too much as it's been driven, and that it's dangerous, and to GET IT FIXED!

    Diagnose the possibilities before throwing $$$$ at it. Tire pressure and age. And weight rating. Jack it up and move/shake everything. Rod ends, bushings, wheel bearings, etc. Have you added any moly grease to the knuckles?
  19. inkpot

    Looking for class 4/5 trailer hitch

    I am running 37s over 4.88 gears which results in stock gearing. I do have the TRD supercharger which probably nets around 40 Hp. It pulled OK on flat ground, but big hills took a downshift or two. Sudden stops and quick turns require full attention, and panic stops are really scarey. I...
  20. inkpot

    A343F Trans compatibility: FJZ80 & LX470

    Makes me wonder if we can substitute the 100 goodies into the 80 trans?
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