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    For Sale Toyota Sunrader 19' Not mine, not affiliated. But thought someone on here might like a cheap, sweet project.
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    [GX470] Aftermarket Stock Shocks?

    If I were a psycho GX470 owner and wanted to keep my suspension stock, would I be crazy to try these: has anyone on here ever tried them? Assuming these are probably the same thing...
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    Miles per tank?

    What do you guys see for average miles per full tank (91-93 octane)? I'm new to the GX470, but coming from a couple different 120 4Runners, I expected at least 300. I seem to never hit that mark. I realize there are a LOT of factors that go into this, not the least of which is driving style...
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    For Sale 2003 GX470 - 116,XXX

    Sold. Thanks for all the interest. ======================================================== Selling my 2003 GX 470 with 116,000 miles. In good shape for its age. Shows some normal wear. Overall a great truck, engine and ride are smooth as butter. Leather is in good shape, much better than...
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    craigslist Super Clean 80 in Miami

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 4X4**clean**rust free** Not affiliated. Just came across it.
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    For Sale 2003 Sport Edition V8 TRD Supercharged/Locked/Chopped

    It's on the market again! Ready for a new owner who has the time to wheel it. Right now it just sits in the garage Monday-Friday. Then it takes me 3 miles down the road to the beach parking garage on Saturday and Sunday. This is no life for a truck like this. I hate to sell it but it's the only...
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    Wanted Magnetic CB Antenna (small)

    If anyone happens to have a small magnetic (or otherwise non-permanent) CB antenna laying around that they don't use, let me know what you want for it. Cheers.
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    Think this would work to bend tube?

    YouTube - Bending part 2 Thoughts?
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    Wanted Stock FJC Roof Rack

    Hey guys, As per the title, I'm looking to buy a stock FJ roof rack to start building a roof rack out of for my 4Runner. I have a lot of other fabbed tube stuff on my truck, and I think the FJ rack *might* be perfect to go along with it, and a hell of a lot easier than building one from...
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    For Sale Cheap, Effective Rock Lights coupon for HF
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    Help me with prices (CB + Firestik + CD Player)

    Ok guys. I drowned my navigation brain box the other day, and now I am going to get a single din CD/iPod player to replace it (funds are tight these days). Here's what I'm looking at: Pioneer DEH-P3200UB Pioneer DEH-P4200UB CD receiver at Cobra 18 WX ST II:
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    craigslist Lifted 2006 4Runner

    Selling my 4Runner Black $17,900 OBO SR5 2WD 3" Lift Lifted 2006 Toyota 4Runner Any questions, fire away.
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    Ok I tried searching, I tried the FAQ. They all mention it, but none explain it. WTF is base-lining? I understand it to be some sort of maintenance procedure you go through right when you first get your used 80. I'd love some more details. :bang: thanks!
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    Rear Sliding Window??

    I am considering buying a particular 80-series and everything is looking good, just working on a price. There's just one "problem" that's kind of eating at me... It doesn't have sliding windows at the back. I really think I would miss that if I bought this truck. Now, there are plenty of 80's...
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    So I want to buy an 80 series...

    Hey guys, I've been trolling these boards for some time now. I finally decided its about time to start posting :D Here's my thing: Firstly, you must know that I'm 19, in college and I don't have a lot of money. Secondly, I want an Land Cruiser. Third, I have an 06 4Runner that I really...
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    How to buy RHD 200's?

    Hey, I'm trying to work out how to get some RHD Cruisers to ship to south america. My best guess is to get them from japan somehow, but does anyone have any idea how to go about doing this? And is there somewhere/someone I can go to about getting a discount for a few of them? Cheers Kyle
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