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  1. 77TLCFJ40

    Day 6 Crank Forward - SemiRecumbent Bike Feedback

    Hoping to get any feedback from MUD on crank forward or semi-recumbent bikes. I getting old and running is too painful to do regularly. Walking just doesn’t get it done. So I’m looking to get back on a bike after being without for around 18 years. Want one for my wife too. Looking for the...
  2. 77TLCFJ40

    Parking Brake Handle Relocation? M416

    Looking for guidance, pictures, etc. I am considering adding a tongue box, but it would have to be spaced 8+" in front of the tub. To maximize space in the tongue box, I'd like it to mount as close to the tub as possible. If I build my own, it would likely be integrated into the tub. Could...
  3. 77TLCFJ40

    Dolly Towing a 200

    Can I tow a 200 with front tires on a HD 6500 lb dolly? Curb weight is 5,690 lbs. Remove the rear driveshaft? Is there a mechanical reason not to do this? Thanks
  4. 77TLCFJ40

    TIRES - On Stock 16" Wheels - M416, M100, M101-CDN

    What size, brand, and model tires are you running on your 1/4 Ton trailers on stock 16" wheels? Any issues? Rubbing when heavily loaded? Bias with tubes, radials, radials with tubes? Please post pics with your info! Here is some size info I have compiled: OEM M416 Wheels are 16 X 6.5 with 5...
  5. 77TLCFJ40

    Storage Solution for FJ40s, Trailers, etc.

    I need MUD's input to judge the potential demand for a storage solution for your FJ40s, trailers, etc. The original use was for periscope storage inside the turret of a US tank. The box is ~25 year old new surplus, made of steel and is very stout. The box is not waterproof, but I believe it...
  6. 77TLCFJ40

    Storage Solution for Trailers, FJ40s, etc.

    I need MUD's input to judge the potential demand for a storage solution for your trailers, FJ40s, etc. The original use was for periscope storage inside the turret of a US tank. The box is ~25 year old new surplus and made of steel and is very stout. The box is not waterproof, but I believe...
  7. 77TLCFJ40

    Formula for Optimal Shackle Length?

    i have only seen one formula here on MUD to determine the optimal shackle length: Shackle length = spring length + 1 inch - distance between spring hangers Can anyone shed more light on this formula or provide a better one? I am currently running 4" lift springs SUA with 35" tires and +1.5"...
  8. 77TLCFJ40

    GunRunner Future Mods

    CottonLand, I am looking for your advice/opinions on the best way to achieve my goals for the GunRunner... In an effort to continue to wheel with my good friends and not force them to constantly spot me and pull winch cable, there are a number of mods I'd like to complete before the 2016 SCC...
  9. 77TLCFJ40

    Wanted Early License Plate Holder

    Need one like the pic. Don't need the light. Thanks
  10. 77TLCFJ40

    Sad Old Bantam?

    Found a sad old Bantam that is likely only good for a few parts. Any feedback on what is correct and what has been added/changed? Any opinions on value?
  11. 77TLCFJ40

    M416 Parts Wanted - Trade

    Just acquired a decent M416 and need the following: Handbrake Lever Assembly with clevis and bellcrank rod, Reflectors, Axle Seals, and Bearings I may be willing to trade the lunette to frame casting with landing leg. Lunette is missing. Thanks for any leads for these items.
  12. 77TLCFJ40

    Your Opinion Of These Lights Please

    What is MUDs opinion of these lights? They are branded WARN, but are Kioto lights made in Japan. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. 77TLCFJ40

    For Sale '89 FJ62 Parts In MS

    '89 62 with BROWN interior that had 187K. These are the only parts I have. Prices and pics to be added later today after I clean the parts and research prices. Full set of seatbelts including rear shoulder belts and rear trim. $165 Driver front receiver plastic support is split a couple of...
  14. 77TLCFJ40

    Wanted 16 X 8 Wheel for Spare

    Guys, I bought 4 old school wagon wheels and need a 5th. Specs are 16 X 8, 3.5" backspace. I'll consider slightly different backspacing since it is for a spare. Thanks
  15. 77TLCFJ40

    Wanted 100 Series Front Door Tweeters -'05

    Need a pair of '05 100 front door tweeters. Willing to buy singles. Prefer to stay OEM. Thanks very much!
  16. 77TLCFJ40

    For Sale 40 Rear Lower Doors

    I'm in the process of building a tailgate. The lower barn doors I have been running for the last couple of years are for sale. Mounting the early lower half doors to a later ambulance door tub is hard to do. They rattled too much for my liking and I have never had, but always wanted a...
  17. 77TLCFJ40

    For Sale Gas Filler Door, Cutout Housing, and Filler Neck

    ...from a parted out '78. Rust in the seam of one lower corner has been treated with a rust neutralizer called Ospho. Will need blasting, more rust management and painting. Catch is included per pics, but no lock is present. $65 plus actual shipping
  18. 77TLCFJ40

    Wanted '98 - '07 100 Series Fender Flares

    Please let me know if you have a set or just individual flares for a 100. Send me a PM and I'll provide my email for details and pics. Thanks
  19. 77TLCFJ40

    For Sale ARB RD121 Air Locker for 8" Clamshell IFS 30 Spline (3:73 & down)

    Please see the below screen shot from TRD Parts 4U for all the details and what this locker fits. Big thanks to Jacque at for donating this locker and attending the 9th Annual Southern Cruiser Crawl last weekend. This front locker is for FJ Cruisers, 4Runners...
  20. 77TLCFJ40

    Wanted WTB: OEM Tool Kit for '05 100

    Looking for an OEM tool kit for a 2005 100. Anybody have an extra? Thanks
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