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  1. inkpot

    1967 fuel tank revival

    Working on a 67 barn find. Pretty much complete. Runs when fueled down carb, but can't get fuel from tank TO carb. Fuel line is clear from tank to carb. Tank needs to be cleaned out, but fuel siphon tube is full of rust and sludge. Got the first 11 inches cleared out butno luck on the...
  2. inkpot

    ISO specific 1966 FJ 40.

    Howdy! Trying to help a family friend relocate a rig that belonged to his father many years ago. It did have some rather unique features, so maybe one of you may be familiar with this 40. He lost track of it when it was sold in the mid 1990s in Prescott, Az. It was originally red, but...
  3. inkpot

    Toyota Trails Magazine Library.

    I have nearly 17 years of these all sleeved in binders. Any idea of what they are worth? John
  4. inkpot


    This is the hardest post I have ever made. Kevin Patterson passed away early yesterday. I will post more info as I learn it about services etc. We may organize a memorial run at some time in the future. I have lost my best friend and business partner for the last 8 years. And the Land...
  5. inkpot

    Can i flat tow this rig?

    Howdy! Looking at a very clean, low miles 2012 4 Runner that I want to tow behind a motorhome. If not possible, then can I pull a driveshaft, or do I have to go with a tow dolly or a full sized car hauler? Thanks. John
  6. inkpot

    4 door 40?

    So who is hiding this beauty in the Phoenix area??
  7. inkpot

    TRD supercharger question

    When I rebuilt my Kazuma last year I noticed that it looked like the rotors were coated with a smooth gray coating that looked like epoxy. I am working on another one now that appears to be a different generation. It does not say Kazuma on the air horn and the front of the pump is shaped...
  8. inkpot

    ISO used 33’s or 315’s

    i need some fresh tires for mo TRAL trailer. It’s running OEM 80 series wheels. John
  9. inkpot

    Super Charger hoses

    Can't find the Search function on my fone anymore. I think this came up recently but I can't find a thread. Anyone sell the entire set of hoses, or do I have to go out and source them individually??
  10. inkpot

    Super Charger rebuild kits?

    Lots of different combinations kits for the Eaton M90 on the interweb. What kits have you used and where did you find them? My SC still works fine and sounds quiet after more than 100,000 miles, but it will be off for some other work, so I think it is time to freshen it up. John
  11. inkpot

    Idle Air Control valve overhaul

    I have searched and found references to folks that have pulled, cleaned, whatever, but no actual mention of taking it apart and servicing it. Anyone open one of these little gems up? I am having floating idle speeds and I have eliminated about everything except this. I have tested the valve...
  12. inkpot

    Colorado front range trails?

    Been over 30 years since I used to roam around west of Longmont, Ft Collins, Laramie. I will be back visiting next week. Looking for easy to moderate day trips, as I will have greenhorn guests onboard. I will be touring up the Big Thompson, Buckhorn, Poudre, Red Feathers, and Snowy Range...
  13. inkpot

    Wheels needed

    I am looking for a set of 5 wheels for my brother's camper. He needs 5 on 4.5 pattern, maybe Ford? Thanks , john
  14. inkpot

    Need Titan wheel

    Looking for a spare 18" wheel for a 2004 Nissan Titan. My nephew is a Sheriff's Deputy up in Skull Valley, and he has had no luck around Prescott finding one. John
  15. inkpot

    need 91 FJ80 parts

    Looking for engine wiring harness first. John
  16. inkpot

    SWEET 40 coming up for sale

    This belongs to a friend of my brother. It will be coming up for sale very soon, probably going to be asking around $30,000. He has not decided on the details yet. It is a 1976, one owner, barn stored, all original other than the wheels and chrome bumpers, I think. It has about 80,000 actual...
  17. inkpot

    ::FOR SALE:: 37 x 12.50 x 17 spares

    I have two of these Nitto Trails available. If you have 37s, or your thinking about 37s, these are a great deal for spares. Neither of these tires have ever had a flat/repair needed. $50 each. Contact me at John
  18. inkpot

    Need early top for FJ 40

    Trying to help a friend find a hard top that will fit on his 1966 rig. John
  19. inkpot

    good project

    Howdy! Got this from a friend. Anyone interested? " I am helping a client sell a 1996 4Runner 4x4 SR5 Automatic Trans. One owner, factory e-locker, 3.4L 240k miles. Brand new Michelin Tires and Interstate battery. Body perfect, paint really good..... interior very good. Never been...
  20. inkpot

    Cottonwood Canyon Access

    For those of you who like to wheel around in the Middle Gila Recreation Area (as the BLM likes to call it) out by Florence Junction, the LEN Ranch at the east end of Cottonwood Canyon has been sold a couple of weeks ago. The new owners have locked the gate that leads into the creek. The BLM...
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