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  1. Brewsterfire

    For Sale BC, Can. New in box Boost compensator for HZ or HDT

    Sold Landcruiser so not needed. New in box will sell for $170 US plus shipping.
  2. Brewsterfire

    For Sale BC, Can. New in box Boost compensator for HZ or HDT

    No longer needed. New in box will sell for $150 US plus shipping.
  3. Brewsterfire

    HZ Turbo Intercooled FJ40

    1971 FJ40 sold 13BT and swapped in an new HZ with turbo and intercooler. Amazing power up grade. Engine fit in awesome without relocating mini truck power steering box. Actually bolted into same rear mount holes for the previous H55f and trans tunnel shift hole. Had to move radiator and...
  4. Brewsterfire

    SOLD BC, Canada; New HZJ 79 clutch and fan

    New take offs 2020 engine. Both for $110 US plus shipping
  5. Brewsterfire

    SOLD BC, Canada, Price change, H55f 5 speed shifter

    H55f shifter used condition but in good condition. $50US plus shipping
  6. Brewsterfire

    For Sale Erickson,BC, Can. 3B/13BT. High pressure oil cooler hoses 1 used, 1 new

    NOS one $50US shipped. Used hose $30US shipped.
  7. Brewsterfire

    Turbo oil feed leaking

    I have an HZ with a new turbo and a new oil feed line. Seems to be leaking at the banjo bolt connection. Original had one washer, so I replaced it with two copper washers, one on each side. Still leaks! Damn! Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Brewsterfire

    SOLD Auber EGT digital guage

    Don’t need, comes with probe $50 plus shipping which should be minimal. Can be set up to monitor water temp or boost. New never used.
  9. Brewsterfire

    For Sale New Hz clutch release bearing

    $30 new OEM Nachi HZ clutch release bearing plus shipping.
  10. Brewsterfire

    Looking for Part no. for clutch release bearing for H55f to HZ engine?

    The one I have is 35mm I.D. I need the one for 38 mm nose on the H55f. Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Brewsterfire

    SOLD Erickson,BC, Can. 3B, 13BT Engine mount insulator

    New mount, part no. in picture $20 plus ship.
  12. Brewsterfire

    For Sale Erickson, BC, Can. FJ40 carb insulator

    Off a 1971 F engine $30 plus ship.
  13. Brewsterfire

    For Sale Erickson,BC, Can. 40 series lower dash pads

    3 Used lower pads not 100% but still look good. $80 plus ship.
  14. Brewsterfire

    SOLD Erickson, BC, Can. Transfer case shifter -Price change

    Off a 1983 split case. Includes knob. $165US. Shipped
  15. Brewsterfire

    For Sale Erickson, BC, Can. New HZ fan clutch

    Not needed , will ship at your cost. $150 US plus ship.
  16. Brewsterfire

    SOLD 3B/13BT Engine parts - Individual prices

    No longer need. FJ 40 3B/13BT Diesel swap parts for sale 12v 80 amp alternator with vacuum pump almost new. SOLD 12v starter for 3B or 13BT works great. $175. SOLD Front Frame mounts and engine mounts (Rare). Bolt in SOLD Fan shroud for 3B/13BT SOLD 12v VSV shut off switch $15 Front...
  17. Brewsterfire

    SOLD Rebuilt H55f transmission Complete w/ transfer case

    Rebuilt by Valley hybrids August 2019. May have 2000 miles on it. Fits the fine spline diesel 3B or 13 BT. No shift levers Excellent condition. Will place on pallet. You make arrangements for pick up and shipping. I can get you contact numbers. $1995 USD w/transfer case
  18. Brewsterfire

    SOLD 13BT & 3B oil and fuel filters

    No longer need 2- Sakura fuel filters and 6- Toyota OEM oil filters $120 o.b.o. plus shipping.
  19. Brewsterfire

    SOLD New Intercooler kit - No longer for sale Thanks

    No longer needed. New Intercooler is 11x23. Piping is 2.25 O.D. Comes with lots of straights and bens, silicone elbows/connectors And clamps. $350 plus shipping.
  20. Brewsterfire

    SOLD New HZ/HDT Bellhousing and Input Shaft parts for H55f

    No longer needed, going different route. New OEM parts never installed. SOLD Shipping is extra, not heavy.
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