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  1. slickrock

    Would the Front Differential Actuator click when its motor is struggling?

    Hi All, It's been a long time for me to return to the Forum. Glad to be back. and I searched first before posting. Anyway, my son was using my 2007 during high school and I have it back now that he left for the Navy. I was doing a "systems check" to see what he did to the poor thing. I was on...
  2. slickrock

    Looking for 4 15" tires from 31" to 235mm

    I'm looking for serviceable tires for my cabin S10 Blazer. Anything for a 15" wheel from 31" max down to 235X75R15. Need 4 of them. 50-30% tread for a few hundred bucks max. Located in Lemoore. seven-oh-seven-71nine two. Thanks, Dan Please call or email me. Don't check the board very often.
  3. slickrock

    Hey guys. Looking for a set of 33" R15 mud or AT tires...Visalia buyer

    Hello all, I'm cruiser-less but enjoying the transition to motorcycles. The 40 funded a new Suzuki V-Storm adventure bike for the highway/commute and an 83 Honda XL600R dual sport for mountain trails. Looking forward to riding Bald Mountain this Spring with my son riding his Kawasaki behind me...
  4. slickrock

    For Sale Free: bumper tow bar off of a 40, Lemoore Ca 93245

    I have a free tow bar that attaches to welded on bumper "L" brackets that was off of my 40. I have seen this same bar on other 40s so may have been an option or Toyota part or just popular in the late 60s and 70s? I do not have the bumper brackets as they were welded to the bumper when I sold...
  5. slickrock

    Replacing floor in m100... 12ga or 10ga

    I will make length wise ribs out of 2x1" flat stock to give it strength but could use some suggestions on replacimg the floor thickness. What say you..12ga or 10ga? Dan
  6. slickrock

    For Sale Bushwacker style FJ40 fender flares, Fresno/Visalia CA

    I have two (one for each side) Bushwacker style flares for an FJ40. I'd say 7.5-8 out of 10 on quality. One has some discolored lighter lines, but unless your looking at doing a high end OEM resto (then you wouldn't use these anyways), these will work and look good. Never been mounted (no...
  7. slickrock

    Anyone have a 5 on 5.5 wheel (7"-8" wide) for m100 trailer (jeep CJ, dodge, some Chevy)

    I need a spare for my m100 trailer. Looking to buy a 7-8" wide, R15, 5on5.5 bolt pattern. Same type as Jeep CJ, early dodge, and some Chevy like an S10. Doesn't have to be pretty, just serviceable. Trailer has very small tires so will have to probably remove it if it's on the wheel. I know new...
  8. slickrock

    Wanted R15x7" on 5x5.5" (jeep CJ, Chevy, and dodge) wheel CA

    anyone have a serviceable r15x7" 5x5.5" bolt pattern wheel I can use for a spare on my m100 trailer? Hopefully in the Fresno, Visalia, and Hanford CA area.. Could even be anywhere between Fresno and Stockton along hwy 99. I go that way every few months. Dan
  9. slickrock

    Wanted Mini truck power steering pump

    Looking for a pump like the one pictured (pirated from the net/ignore the yellow circle). It has the resevoir separate from the pump. Just need the pump and pulley, not all the other parts in the picture. Can do PayPal and shipping to Lemoore, CA 93245. Dan
  10. slickrock

    M100 shock part number

    I've found the military shock identification number but that won't help me at the local O'rileys. Anyone happen to know a part number that works to replace the m100 shocks?
  11. slickrock

    Wanted AT or mud 30-31" for R15 Fresno, Visalia, Stockton, CA

    tires found. No longer need.
  12. slickrock

    Honda XL600 Enduro

    I just bought a new to me 1983 Honda XL600 dual purpose (Enduro) motorcycle and was looking for the appropriate Mud forum, but no forum. Maybe I can post in the expedition forum since this model bike won the Baja 500 a few times back in the days of neon tent pants and almost dirty Madanna and...
  13. slickrock

    Need narrow alternator belt number for 2f

    Searched FAQ and general search with no luck (hopefully keeping Poser happy...if I missed it, mea culpa). I installed power steering on my 73 F motor and moved my alternator to the passenger side using a 2F bracket making it the same setup as the 2F. One belt (outside groove) goes around the...
  14. slickrock

    New 2 way radios on market. Need a good 2 mile mountain range

    i have a pair of Uniden GMRS radios. Say 40 miles...yeah right. Maybe line of sight for a few miles. I use them to stay in contact with my son in Canada when he is on the beach and I'm at my cabin. I'm 600 feet above him and 1/2-2 miles away but trees and actual land mass can be between us...
  15. slickrock

    Wanted Jeep TJ rear fender flares

    I'm not having much luck tracking down rear TJ flares. Anyone happen to have a pair or could track down a pair? Needed in Central CA.
  16. slickrock

    Wanted Early round turn signal lenses

    After searching online, it appears to replace my faded and fracked signal lenses, I have to order complete replacement lights. Unfortunately, these particular signals came from a recently deceased friend so they have sentimental value. He also drove his 40 off the show room floor in the early...
  17. slickrock

    Help getting early model replacement door key lock to come out when locked

    I am having a heck of time getting my 73' door keyed lock installed correctly. I cannot get the key out when it is locked and tried rotating the barrel in millimeter increments and still can't get the key out. There has to be a trick I am missing. Instructions say to rotate the barrel a...
  18. slickrock

    Wanted Interior Cowl Vent Tubes, 8/73' FJ40 (early 40s)

    I'm looking for the interior cowl vent tubes for a 73' FJ 40 and earlier. These are the tubes that go from the top of the dash down to the firewall (not the ones that drain through the floor board). I can use some generic hose, but thought someone might have the exact tubes sitting in a pile...
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