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  1. woodsman 44

    Head gasket replacement in Sacramento

    On my 96' LX-450 head gasket finally giving up at 238k, got the sweet smell at tail pipe and lots of bubbling in return reservoir with low fluid in reservoir with hard start ups, runs very rough but then smooths out once antifreeze on ground. Not able to do it myself so looking...
  2. woodsman 44

    Installing Brake Booster question..

    Ive watched OTRAMS and Timmy the tool mans vid on removing booster without undoing a couple brake lines on master cylinder which seems like they totally struggle to get booster out and bending brake lines in the there a reason they dont undue the lines then after just bleed the...
  3. woodsman 44

    Wanted ;)

    found one
  4. woodsman 44

    For Sale ****SOLD****Kenwood double din stereo

    ***SOLD***Lightly used excelon DPX593BT Kenwood double din stereo out of my 96' LX-450 Plays CD's, 22watts per channel, 4 channels, bluetooth, AM/FM ect.. Comes with all hook ups as pictured $85 + ship
  5. woodsman 44

    In cab winch control/momentary

    ****Edit, cab controls work but handheld controller doesnt work with this setup**** I’ve been wanting to do this mod for a long time and yes, I finally got it done. I used an antenna up/down momentary switch out of a 80 series/lx450. I have a Warn 8274 with a 3 pin socket...this was super...
  6. woodsman 44

    Wanted Need antenna up/down switch for 96' LX-450 with male plug as well.....

    antenna up/down switch with male plug as well with enough wire to crimp/solder thanks
  7. woodsman 44

    Tuffy center console install

    I picked up a Tuffy #012 series II security console 8" wide for my LX-450 in the color Spice which I knew wasn't a match and I was going to paint it anyways. $255 to my can check on Tuffy website for "scratch & dent" deals for 180 ish from time to time. For my install I used 1 1/2"...
  8. woodsman 44

    subwoofer install LX-450

    Zero LX options for rear subwoofer unless you convert to 80 series free air space sub..... wasn't happy with the cheezy LX center console so I just built my own ;) I went with the JL audio 6 1/2" 6W3V3-4 woofer, mini sub I wasn't looking for "neighbors knocking on your door" bass...
  9. woodsman 44

    WARN 8274 build and bumper for my 97' F350

    I've been looking for a classic winch bumper for my 97 f350 for awhile now so I can put in a 8274 upright. Someone on FB marketplace had one, we agreed on a price and hit the rd for a 3hour tour. Bought it, got it home and cleaned her up, still looked good for a probably 20year old bumper...
  10. woodsman 44

    WARN M8274-70 Limited Edition Winch

    Very cool limited edition M8274-70 70th Anniversary with up graded 6HP motor rated at 10K lb pull power and 10 improvements to the 8274 999 limited run worldwide Warn M8274-70 70th Anniversary Winch
  11. woodsman 44

    WARN what ya got!

    Post em up!.......8274 my all time favorite winch ;) Here's mine with complete rebuild and custom fit in ARB that was not set up to take 8274
  12. woodsman 44

    Soft Shackles

    Had a buddy of mine make me up some soft shackles out of 7/16 amsteel SK-78 at 23,900lbs strength....will see how much I like much lighter than the steel shackle...
  13. woodsman 44

    lower oil pan with FIPG questions

    Started removal of lower oil pan this evening and will finish it up tomorrow.... I have the manual download but cant seem to access it...anyone have some pics of the pages on how much and where to put FIPG? It looks like 67 "inch" pounds for torque on pan.
  14. woodsman 44

    8274 rebuild kit

    Just picked up a Warn 8274 that works, but wanting to rebuild it, looks like its been not used in a long my question is where are you buying rebuild kits from, any recommendations? Want to buy synthetic rope as well, I think its 3/8's Ive watched a few you tube vids on tearing one...
  15. woodsman 44

    IH My old 67' Scout

    I think it was 79' when my Dad bought me this scout (had to pay him back) from Woodland Ca. It only had 54K on it...It was a doctor who owned it for going up to his cabin up in the Sierras It had the 266V8 IH motor with 4 speed granny first and dana 20 T-case...dana 44 in rear with power lock...
  16. woodsman 44

    Wanted ARB bumper Winch or non-winch front, 80 series

    Looking for an ARB front bumper, winch or non-winch for 80 series landcruiser. Thanks Scott
  17. woodsman 44

    Lucas Fuel Treatment sets off P401 code??

    Everytime I add this stuff its gives me a P401 code in about 3-4 days ish. When its all out of tank, code is gone Anybody else have this issue....weird, I know, right...
  18. woodsman 44

    For Sale 285-75-16 cooper STT (4)

    ***SOLD***I have (4) 285-75-16 cooper STT mud terrains 4sale 3 at 50%+ 1 at 65% tread, load range D $300 OBO, local pickup only, will not ship.
  19. woodsman 44

    BFgoodrich rugged terrain tires??

    Anybody running these on there cruiser?? Im looking for a 285-75-16 AT thats quite on road but some ok offroad traction...on the road 90% time..use the 80 for vacatoins, fishing, hunting....... I have cooper STT's on present, but tired of the noise, not great road handle...but thats what a...
  20. woodsman 44

    leaking coolant in cab....

    96' LX-450, Red coolant leaking in cab on passenger side left foot...under left side of glove box. Would this be bad heater core or could it be a bad hose to the core? I have searched the FAQ's and searched this forum ,but no luck to get info how to replace the heater core...any help...
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