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  1. BlackCat

    Wanted 1983 2F/FJ60 OEM alternator

    Looking for an OEM alternator for my 83 FJ60, that is either functional or a good candidate for refurbishment. I’m located in southern Wisconsin if someone local has one, but will also pay for shipping.
  2. BlackCat

    83 F60 very intermittently dies while idling……kind of.

    So here’s the issue, and why I think it could be ignition related. The problem I’m having is it’s done it twice now, both times at stop lights in traffic, and I can’t duplicate it idling in the garage for correct diagnosis. Hoping someone will chime in and be like “oh ya, mine was doing exactly...
  3. BlackCat

    03 GX, no/very little sound from radio. (ML/Nav)

    So the sound in my truck stopped working. You’re probably typing “replace the amp” right now. It’s not the amp. I swapped in a known good one. If I change the input to CD and crank it waaaay up, I can get a little tiny bit of sound from the speakers. Both radio fuses are good. Amp cooling fan...
  4. BlackCat

    Aftermarket coolant temp sensor

    Where are you guys ordering the aftermarket coolant temp sensors that are in stalled inline with the upper radiator hose? Search only came up with stock replacements. My gauge isn’t very accurate like most, and with it being 118 here today, I’d like to have a more accurate reading than the...
  5. BlackCat

    Timing plate slotted bolt removal

    How the heck do you get those slotted timing plate bolts out? It looks like they’re staked in there pretty good and I’m having a super hard time removing them. Also, is my 83 2F missing the oiler? All the searches I’ve done show a gear oiler.
  6. BlackCat

    GM 1985 M1028 CUCV value

    Can anybody school me on this truck? I know the basics, 6.2 diesel, 4x4, etc. What I’m having a hard time finding is a value post base lining and maintenance. It seems the brush/utility box combo is pretty rare. The truck is a 1985 and hasn’t run or moved for the better part of 2 decades. It has...
  7. BlackCat

    SOLD Phoenix, AZ FJ60/62 new style ARB bumper

    Looking to sell my ARB bumper. I bought it locally several weeks ago and installed it on my truck. I have no plans for a winch, and IMO, it looks super goofy without one. It has a few rock chips but no rash/dents. It is removed from my 60 and ready to go. Asking $600 firm, exactly what I paid...
  8. BlackCat

    PSA- bearings

    So here’s the deal. I had a noise coming from my A/C belt idler pulley. I used the search and came up with several threads where people were looking for the pulley part number, or just for the bearing number so they could replace it, as was I. Well, here’s a cool trick I learned from an old...
  9. BlackCat

    FJ60 H42 input shaft seal and cover gasket help...

    So I’m doing the input shaft seal and cover gasket. My question is toyota sent me 2 cover gaskets, same part number. Am I to use both or just one? The old one was like concrete so I can’t compare. Any help would be awesome!
  10. BlackCat

    Phoenix folks who need rotors and/or flywheels machined

    Check out El Fenix auto repair off 17 in South Phoenix. A friend/co-worker recommended him to me to have my flywheel machined on my 60. He works on a first come first served basis, but got me right in and had my flywheel done in around 20min. All he does is rotors and flywheels all day...
  11. BlackCat

    Quick help in Scottsdale plz.

    Looking for the inverted torx bit or whatever gets the spare tire down on a 2000 LC. If someone is willing to let me pick up, borrow, and return it so I can get the spare off so I can get the truck off the side of Scottsdale road that would be awesome. Currently on Scottsdale road just north of...
  12. BlackCat

    Wanted Phoenix area: factory 100 series skids

    Looking for a factory engine skid in the Phoenix area. Willing to travel around the valley for one but I think shipping would make it cost prohibitive. Please let me know if you have one! Not sure if they changed through the years, but it’s a 2000.
  13. BlackCat

    3rd gen 4Runner E-locker parts Question

    Attempting to fix the locker in my GF’s 96. Removed the actuator and found this piece broken. Are these little wires/brushes available from Toyota separately? Or possibly from a 3rd party source? I have the brush and spring, I suppose I could solder it but not sure how it would hold up long...
  14. BlackCat

    For Sale Phoenix: 2 OEM Nippondenso 2F A/C compressors

    I have 2 OEM A/C compressors. One came off my 83 FJ60 and one I bought used. They both leak from the shaft seals. One will make it about a week, the other leaks out as fast as you fill it. Good for cores or if you want to have them refurbished. $10/ea. They both have PAG oil in them. Located in...
  15. BlackCat

    A/C compressor ID help

    Any of you care to shed some light on this for me? Bought a new to me compressor which I was told came off an FJ60. The line connection angles are different though, but the compressor physically is identical. Numbers off the old one 047200-1960 New one 047200-6910 Both have 6P148A on them...
  16. BlackCat

    Throttle linkage help

    can someone please post a quick pick of how their cotter pins are in place on their 60’s throtle linkage please? Long story short, I did my intake/exhaust gaskets, and thought I put the pins in the same way I took them out per the pics I took, but one keeps intermittently popping out at the...
  17. BlackCat

    Exhaust horn rings and springs-

    I’ve been chasing an exhaust leak near #4(ish) exhaust port for a bit now. My manifold gasket was replaced approx 1,500mi ago, but the person/shop that did it apparently didn’t replace the horn rings/springs. My question is, after searching, it appears each horn has 2 grooves. So based on the...
  18. BlackCat

    Distributor install

    so a little background. I bought my 123k mile 83 FJ60 a few months ago. It had some vacuum issues which have been sorted out, and also had a distributor that was, to my knowledge, a tooth off. Why do I think that? Because with distributor adjustment all the way maxed out, I could only get the...
  19. BlackCat

    Intermittent clutch slip, anyone experience it?

    A little background; I’ve had my 83 FJ60 for about 2 months. It has 123,000mi, and what I’m assuming is an original clutch. Yesterday, I took it on a 230mi round trip cruise from Tucson to the phoenix area, and it did absolutely great. This morning I hopped in it to go to the grocery store, and...
  20. BlackCat

    In case you’re wondering; (wheel fitment)

    i was bored and wanted to see if the 18x9 FN BFD’s and 33’s I have on my lifted GX470 will fit my stock, clapped out suspension 60. The answer? Yes. 100% bolt on with no modifications. They do rub when making sharp turns obviously, because they’re huge, but they are completely daily drivable on...
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