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  1. krispykritter

    Wanted  CFL: OEM (non-ahc) Torsion Bars

    Hello all - looking for a set of OEM torsion bars from a non-AHC 100. My AHC bars are cranked to max now with a winch and sliders, and I want to experiment with non-ahc bars on the front end. I remember contacting a member in Ocala that was selling a pair awhile back but can't find that post...
  2. krispykritter

    Manual Locking Hubs

    Hi all - Was distracted for a few minutes at work and thought up a hypothetical use case thanks to the (many) busted front diff stories I've come across. I've searched a bit for this, but haven't found anyone that's answered this before. Hypothetically speaking (or anecdotally if someone has...
  3. krispykritter

    (Yet Another) Speedo correction thread - Do you like yours?

    Hello all - I'm not thrilled with the performance of my current speedometer correction device, so figured I'd ask if anyone has found something that works better. The answer may be no, but is worth a shot. I'm running 33" tires on a slightly lifted AHC equiped LX470. I've currently got a...
  4. krispykritter

    Homemade offroad camping trailer (in progress)

    Hi guys - My family took a two week camping/four-wheel-driving trip over the christmas holiday last year, and it became VERY clear that the 100-series by itself just wasn't enough space, and there were a few things about camping that sucked: washing dishes with a water bottle, unpacking half...
  5. krispykritter

    My C1340 vsc trac off lights fix

    Just figured I'd pass along a relatively easy fix. My new to me 2006 lx470 would sometimes throw vsc/trac off lights on the dash when I'd engage the center diff lock or go into 4wd low. The trouble code turned out to be pretty accurate. Problem with center diff lock circuit. I replaced the...
  6. krispykritter

    New to me LX470

    Hello all! New member. Been looking to get a family expedition vehicle for a while since we traded in my xterra three years ago and just purchased a 2006 Lx470 in West Palm Beach, FL last weekend. I'm slowly working my way through the issues (no matter how pretty they look, there's always...
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