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  1. derail

    Meet Steve

    I might have missed it, but what's the a/c setup? A Vintage Air 40 series modified to fit?
  2. derail


    I'm no expert, but I think that your rear shackles are on upside down. I'm pretty sure that the small angled side goes on top if that makes sense?
  3. derail

    FJ55 Glove box handle and possibly a handle for the seat recliner? Both machined out of aluminum.

    Left is a glove box handle for a fj55. Right is a seat release handle for an early fj40.
  4. derail

    Builds My New Project

    I couldn't bring myself to buy the tool either and I ended up using the receiver from my truck with a couple of small shims. Read it on another forum and it worked like a champ.
  5. derail

    1974 FJ55 Fuel Tank Venting Issue

    @cruiserkreutz Any update on this? I'm going through the exact same thing and I'm just starting the process of elimination. I have a new cap. (old one had a cracked rubber seal anyway) I've made sure the lines are clear. Just checking if you'd definitively tracked it down.
  6. derail

    Bacon Across America—road trip Summer ‘19

    I might have missed it, (read the whole thing twice) but did you lift this thing? Or did you just put the 33's on there without one? Awesome story.
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