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  1. Paul_A

    Short Jump Seat FS

    I see guys looking for short jump seats. I got one in black with a small, fixable tear I can sell for shipping plus beer $. Let me know. Paul
  2. Paul_A

    Round pinion flanges

    What year did they start to use round pinion flanges? Was it before the FJ62? I have one of each in my '75 FJ40 (4:11 gears) so I am assuming one's a replacement. The round pinion flange has a crush sleeve vs. bearing spacers like the older style? Is that right? Paul
  3. Paul_A

    Aftermarket Fenders

    I recently got to contemplating replacing vs. fixing my original front fenders on my '75 FJ40 due to rust blisters from the welds. Are the SOR and CCOT or similar aftermarket ones as stout as the OEM? The old ones were nice, thick steel with reinforces on the edges. Are the new ones the same...
  4. Paul_A

    Fuel Line Location

    What do you guys think of running your fuel lines inside the frame rails? I am on my way to all new lines so I thought I might look into that. How about tranny cooler lines for A/T, as well?
  5. Paul_A

    Cracked T-case repair?

    I am rebuilding a '78 transfer case and now I find it has a hairline crack started at the top on both sides where you would expect it to be. It's about 1.5-2 inches long. I see the case saver plates. Has anyone tig welded a cracked case with any satisfaction? Weld inside and out? I hate to...
  6. Paul_A

    Wiper Trouble

    Can anyone tell me why my wipers work fine but when I switch them off they no longer automatically return to the bottom of the windshield? I have to time hitting the switch to get them down where they rest, or else they stay where ever they were.
  7. Paul_A

    Non-USA Transfer Case

    I was wondering: what are the gear ratios of a non-USA transfer case as illustrated in the technical links page (34mm idler shaft, not a split case)? Is this a better transfer case than USA models? I have one and am considering rebuilding it as a replacement. Any kits out there? Thank you.
  8. Paul_A

    Automatic Tranny Adapters

    Question for you all: can someone post photos of their TH350 to Toyota transfer case adapter for me to see? My adapter (from previous owner) is almost 6 inches in length, hence a very short rear drive shaft. &nbsp:Did I hear right, did someone say that thier adapter allowed the use of original...
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