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    f135 Engine Sticker

    I have a 1967 FJ40 that is mostly restored and I could not find an F135 engine sticker to replace the one that was destroyed. My sons girlfriend made me a new one on her cricket, take a look.
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    67 FJ40 F 135 Valve stem seal replacement problems

    Every corner I turn is another opportunity to learn.....I'm going to have to do another full restoration once I learn what I'm doing from you guys. Ok had gas in oil, oil in 4/6 cylinders. Replaced fuel pump no problem. Now trying to replace valve stem seals and ran into problem. Removed...
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    Gas in oil and oil in cylinders

    I have searched for this and found lots of information on this site about gas in oil (leaking fuel pump) but not much on both together. So I have a 67 FJ40 with F engine just finished frame off restoration (first one, and never really finished) just started test driving it on the road. It is...
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    Brake and exhaust help

    Trying to get my first FJ40 (1967) on the road after a 2.5 year frame off. We have done everything ourselves but now struggling to get the brakes bled............not sure why, and needs an exhaust system. Anyone know anyone in the western MA area that is good with either of these for an FJ40...
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    Toyota parts catolog 1967

    My son found an online scanned copy of the FJ40V, fj40LV, FJ45V, FJ45LV parts catalog that is pretty cool. Shows ALL the parts and references them, even tells what the size of each bolt is. I realize it's probably already on this site but I couldn't find one, other than some for sale. It's...
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    Help Uploading

    Not sure where to post this....but I am desperating trying to give back in return for all the help I have gotten from you folks. I am trying to post some of what I have learned the hard way (best way) and I cant attach or insert images. I keep getting a message that file is too large. I...
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    Flipping Tub

    First FJ40 and first frame off, chassis and drivetrain back together and now time to get the body going. What's the best way to flip or rotate the tub without a rotisserie or multiple overhead cranes? I can get many of my sons (who is helping with the project) friends. Thanks Steve
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    Drive shaft spline stuck

    Another dumb question from a newbie putting back together a 67 FJ40 full frame off. Thanks to all that have helped so far. I've searched and cant find this one. Swapped 3 spd for four speed and swapping out the short end of my drive shafts onto the used correct length shafts that came with...
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    3 to 4 Speed Bearing Questions

    Help! I'm an FJ40 (67) Rookie, Thanks to all that have helped me already. I'm trying to finish this frame off restoration and can you believe it's taking more time than In thought. My wife want be able to park in the garage again. No time soon. I'm stuck on how to get the new transfer case...
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    How to replace shackles

    After a painful process that took much longer than expected (that never happens) we finally replaced the shackles on our 1967 FJ40 with a 2.5 inch lift. Now that I know how to do it I though I would share the process that we used. Much of what we did came from various contributors on this...
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    Do I need a Steering cooler

    up grading our 67 restoration with a mini truck power steering conversion, boy those boxes are hard to find, just got one. We are using 33 inch tires, do we need a power steering cooler?
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