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    80 or 100 ??

    Well I would like to get something that is better for my wife and 2 year old son to ride in. The 62 is not the most comfortalbe ride in the back seat. And yes I sure would miss the pure power of the 3fe. I dont do much off roading just like the L/C's. Thanks
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    80 or 100 ??

    Hi, I have a 89 L/C now but need something with a smother ride. What would you guys suggest.
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    I have fluid mixing between the transmisssion and transfer case on my fj-62. Is there a seal between the two and is it a bitch to change? Does it need to be changed asap? Thanks
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    For Sale fj-62 parts + wheels and tires

    I installed a OME suspension kit and need to get rid of the original spring and monroe shocks. All in good shape. I will also be getting rid of the wheels and tires. The tires are bridgestone dualers 30x9.5x15 with 3/8+ tread left on them the factory chrome wheels are in perfect shape. Let me...
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    uh-oh u-bolt nuts don't like me...

    I'm with GUS on the BFH and heat. On the cutting of the u-bolts I plan on cutting mine off this week I dont see how it could hurt anything. I just installed an OME on my 62 and the bolts are to long also.
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    What type/brand of grease??

    I just installed greasable shackle pins and checking to see what everyone is using. Thanks
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    End of April Drawing!!

    put me in, I need to get my TLCA membership-- THANKS!!
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    Need Brake Help

    I have a fj62 and I'm not sure where to start with my brakes. The problem is that I can push the pedal to the floor and the brakes will not lock up. So I need everyone help! Do you think its the Master cylinder, Booster, or something else? The fluid level is good and the front pads are good also.
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    tire size ????

    Thanks for the reply everyone!! I forgot to state that I have a 62 that this is going on. I think everything is still the same for the wheels and tires?
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    tire size ????

    Is this the right P/N for black rock crawlers from P/N TEC 51-5883s3.5
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    tire size ????

    Hi everyone, Need your input on tire size. I'm installing an OME lift and it should be 2.5" to 3" lift. What size tire should I go with 33" or 35"? Not sure if 35" will fit. Thanks!!!
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    Need info on shackle reversal

    Thanks for the info!!!! Will the 33" fit with just the 2" OME lift??
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    Need info on shackle reversal

    I have a fj62 and i'm planning on putting a 2" OME lift on and also thinking about doing the SR at the same time but I can't find much info on the SR. &nbsp:Does it help with the suspension ride or is it better to leave it alone? I am looking at wheels and tires also. I like the fat tires and...
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    Shackle reversal

    Woody, Does the reversal have the same problems on the fj62 ?
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    lift kit help

    Thanks for the input!! How about the shackle reversal is it worth doing???
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    lift kit help

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at putting a man-a-fre 4" safari kit with the SR and old man emu shocks on my fj-62. I was hoping that some one had some info on this sys. or just some opinions would be nice. Thanks
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