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  1. MEMCruiser

    Windshield/Headlight Washer

    Both of my washers for windshield and headlights are inop. Is it the same motor/pump for both or separate motor/pumps? Anyone got any idea? I have an 08 200 LC with about 220k miles. Might put it up for sale and need to deal with a few squawks. Thanks for the help.
  2. MEMCruiser

    Heavy Wood door repair

    Have a big wood door that has panels on the front that appear to shrink in winter exposing inner layer of door which isn't weather proofed. Not sure how to fix it. Pics hopefully will help explain.
  3. MEMCruiser

    Cigarette Lighter INOP

    2008 Cigarette outlets not working which nowadays renders it useless for soccer moms. Already checked known fuses in foot well, which were all good. Any further ideas?
  4. MEMCruiser

    Wanted 1988 4runner plastic shifter trim piece.

    Need this piece after daughter broke it.
  5. MEMCruiser

    Out of towner with a question.

    Hey Guys a quick question regarding Black Hills. I am headed that way August 2-4 on our way to yellowstone and just noticed that I will be there the week before sturgis. Is it going to be crazy crowded with loud pipes the week before? Any recommendations on where to stay? We will not be...
  6. MEMCruiser

    Need expert opinion on 200 sway bar ef up

    I had installed an IM lift kit installed in dec. I am not sure what went wrong but sway bar had some how come disconnected. So a few questions What part is missing? How do I fix it? How the eff did this happen?
  7. MEMCruiser

    Iron man shocks with stock springs

    Does anybody know if you can install ironman shocks with stock springs. I put on an Ironman lift and am thinking of taking ironman springs off and putting the stock springs on there. Is that even possible?
  8. MEMCruiser

    What UCA are you running.

    I am looking at installing some UCA since my lift is way more than I thought. I am taking it to a shop in Little Rock that just did a lift on a 200 and might have the UCA installed while it is in the shop. What are you guys running and why did you choose them. Thanks.
  9. MEMCruiser

    Fuel Pump Dead

    Well my 08 has 154260 miles on it and the fuel pump just died last night. 3-4 on parts
  10. MEMCruiser

    Fuel Pump Dead

    Well my 08 has 154260 miles on it and the fuel pump just died last night. 5-7 days on part!
  11. MEMCruiser

    Bourbon Thread.

    I usually embibe with Woodford Reserve. Thought I would try something different. They had two bottles of Pappy, both bottles would sell for 2400 bucks. If mods want to combine this with beer thread ok by me.
  12. MEMCruiser

    Suspension info

    I am new to the 200 thread. Used to be active in 100 thread awhile back but unfortunately sold that a few years back. My wife has been driving an 08 200 series for about 3 years. It is slowly becoming mine and I am looking for suspension info. It has stock tires and original stock...
  13. MEMCruiser

    200 Series tech and classifieds.

    Since there are now a few 200 series around and I am bored in Hong Kong and want to beat MSCruiser to the punch, here goes. Currently my wife's 200. It currently has about 115k miles on it, it is a 2008 model bought CPO from a TOYO dealer in FSM AR. If she saves me any miles after she is...
  14. MEMCruiser

    New app for iPhone

    Downloaded new ih8mud iPhone app and can not see anything in clubhouse or classifieds. Anybody know why? ...via IH8MUD app
  15. MEMCruiser

    Wanted Wanted 88 4 Runner interior pieces.

    Looking for un-cracked plastic piece that is in above pic. Grey color. Passenger side second row window panel. Dark gray.
  16. MEMCruiser

    For Sale BFG AT 33X10.5R15 Arkansas $750

    DSR PSR PSF DSF Spare Tires have been mildly off roaded twice. Most miles have been on highway. No cuts or patches that I know of. These came with the 40 when I bought it 2 years ago.
  17. MEMCruiser

    Plumbing-faucet. Wuestion.

    Diverter knob broken so I'm tring replace tub faucet. How do I remove this ? I need to get back to copper line to install new faucet.
  18. MEMCruiser

    New to me 4runner.

    Just got my 88 4runner. 125k on 22RE, 220k on frame. Very clean in and out.
  19. MEMCruiser

    Stock wheels

    I just purchased a clean 88 4Runner with a 22RE. I am wanting stock wheels for it and am wondering if anybody in this part of MUD has any?
  20. MEMCruiser

    For Sale Misc parts

    1. Metal tech front profile cage that was won at CLC raffle. $225. Buyer responsible for shipping. 2. Sock roll cage with pads. $150. Buyer responsible for shipping, will help with mudship. 3. Jump...
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