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    Free , yeah Free Warn 5 pin winch controller

    Basically a new controller that came from Warn as shown, they just replaced it then I lost it n my barn works fine.
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    For Sale  San Diego 2 Dutch Ovens

    Two 12 qt Dutch Ovens, one is Camp Chef other is Lodge. Package deal includes ovens, lid lifting tool, bag and a half of quality charcoal, and chimney. All in great shape for the princely sum of $40. Local FTF only
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    Well all, I'm officially unemployed in the rack storage business. Please no tears or sympathy :rofl:
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    FS ARB awning room

    ARB awning room for 2000x2500 awning model 813204. This is the solid wall with roll up windows and doors. Has 4 walls, ceiling and floor. $140.00. Didn't fit my older odd size awning 2100x2500.
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    SOLD  San Diego ARB awning room

    ARB awning room 813204 for a 2000x2500 awning. This is the older style sought after solid wall with roll up windows/door. I have odd size ARB awning and this didn't fit. $140 shipping on your dime but prefer FTF.
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    Flying Monkey

    Paging Flying Monkey.... Your roof rack WAS available on isle 4 last Saturday @ 6:30 am?
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    2014 radio amp location?

    I'm having issues with intermittent FM reception and it was suggested to check connections on the amp. One person said it was under passenger seat another said drivers seat. I've looked under both and no joy? Any other suggestions?
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    For Sale  San Diego Engle refridge SPF

    Engle 35 qt like new and have both cords prefer FTF $625 SPF to Rix 45
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    ARB fridge issue

    Don't ask how but I managed to puncture a small hole in the copper condenser line. The hole is accessable is it possible to have someone solder/ braze up the puncture and recharge?
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    Best? Discount Tire store

    Starting down the slippery slope of second set of tires and rims, would like to use Discount Tire and want to have new set TPMS 'cloned' to stock units. Is there a particular shop that is better at this task? Having nightmares of a SJW in flannels working on my rig, that being said it could be...
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    Camino Del Diablo?

    Anyone interested in running the Devils Hiway in the next month or so before it gets to warm?
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    Molle system

    Has anyone come across any method that covers the rear windows for Molle equipment. I know they exist for just about every other model.
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    Heard a funny today!

    Meanwhile back at a LGS I was describing my vehicle to a fellow I was meeting and he said "Toyota, thats the Glock of the automotive world". Never thought of it that way but certainly rings true? OK I'll shut up and go to sleep now.
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    2019 campfire permit

    Just a heads up the 2019 campfire permits are available on line. They are even required for propane cooking stoves so don't get caught without yours. The permits are for a calendar year. You can print off multiple copies if you have more than 1 vehicle.
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    Contrary to reports I was NOT in a Costco in South Carolina :rofl:
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    David Clark Headsets

    I have 2 sets of David Clark avation headsets that I'm willing to give to a club member. They are a few years old but work just fine. I suppose they could even be hacked to work for race comms?
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    Expedition Portal down?

    Is Expo down, I know they were changing providers?
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    For Sale  Asfir hidden winch mount

    New never installed fits 2008 to 2015 $400.00 Located in San Diego prefer not to ship
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    SOLD SPF NL power pack with remote monitor $250 located in San Diego area
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