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  1. robtackett

    For Sale 97 triple locked anni

    Bump for lower price.
  2. robtackett

    For Sale 97 triple locked anni

    Ok weather sucks here but the truck has some surface rust around the front windshield. Also where sunroof was leaking the drivers side front floorboard needs cleaned, repainted and small hole fixed. Nothing that is to bad or make a it not drivable. Has new radiator, oil pump seal with upgraded...
  3. robtackett

    For Sale  97 triple locked anni

    Ok well I started a side by side race series and really don't need 2 fjs. This is for my 97 triple locked and lifter fzj80. All lockers work but have been put on individual switches. Runs great with lots of maintenance done. Has ome lift that has less the 200 miles on it and newer cooper...
  4. robtackett

    SOLD 1997 LX450 BUILT, CLEAN, RUST FREE. miles

    Hey nice rig. What radio is that?
  5. robtackett

    Wanted FZJ80

    Here is some pics of mine
  6. robtackett

    Wanted FZJ80

    I am on the fence but thinking about selling my 40th anni triple locked 97 fzj80. I have wired the lockers on individual switches. Has brand new ONE lift, and pretty new cooper tires. Has all 3 rows of seats. I have put new water pump, oil pump, pkugs, wires, oil cooler and all maintenance...
  7. robtackett

    For Sale Random fj40 parts

    Not really just taking offers. I don't know what they ate worth but I need gone
  8. robtackett

    For Sale Random fj40 parts

    Pm sent
  9. robtackett

    For Sale  Random fj40 parts

    Ok I have a few left over parts I need gone. I have two set of motor to frame mounts, oem bottle jack with mount, downpipe, intake mani, 2f upper and lower thermostat housing. Need all gone and all located in Lexington ky
  10. robtackett

    For Sale 2f Valve Cover

    Yeah it fits 79-80 2f fj40
  11. robtackett

    For Sale  2f Valve Cover

    I am selling off all my fj40 parts and have a really nice valve cover. Was going to use for a wall decoration but thought someone might need it. Price is obi and will look into trade for fj80 parts. Wanting $100 plus shipping
  12. robtackett

    Front end problem

    OK I tookemon the front birds out and inspected and regressed everything and could not find any issues. So I put one wheel on ground and tried to spin it. The wheel didn't spin, I picked up one wheel on my buddies 80 and it spun. OK I think the center diff is locked. So I sat there with my bud...
  13. robtackett

    Front end problem

    Lol no just mad. It is the metal line that is in inner fender well
  14. robtackett

    Front end problem

    Well on top of all this crap. I get to work and this piece of s*** blows a brake line. I'm soo over this thing. Anyone want a 80
  15. robtackett

    Front end problem

    Why would rear locker locked make it hard to steer? It's definitely in the front. The locker switch is in off position and all the locker lights are out. When driving they constantly blinked and never indicated that they locked in. If I u bolt the front locker actuator will it come off easily?
  16. robtackett

    Front end problem

    But if the locker is engaged would the wheels spin in opposite directions by hand when in the air? I thought of it was locked they would either spin in same direction or not at all
  17. robtackett

    Front end problem

    Ok I went four wheeling the other day and now I have a problem. My front and rear locker lights just flashed and to my knowledge never locked in. Now I can not turn the wheel and pull forward. It is binding up or something is stopping the truck. I lifted truck in air and wheels spin opposite of...
  18. robtackett

    Wanted  97 factory sub amp

    I need a good working factory amp that sits behind the rear sub.
  19. robtackett

    Parting Out 97 Sage 40th clean low miles no rust part out

    Did the factory sub work? I just need the little amp right behind it. If do how much shipped to 40504
  20. robtackett

    Trade 97 40th Anni for 100

    Some pics of rust
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