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  1. seattle80series

    Go to for parts

    Who's the go to these days? Thanks.
  2. seattle80series

    Dual horn instation questions

    I'm replacing the factory horn with a PIAA dual tone horn and i'm a little lost (very little experience with wiring). Do I need to build a wiring harness to do the installation? I couldn't find a walk thru in search. Thanks all.
  3. seattle80series

    Headlight bulb question

    I've done some searching and i'm not totally clear on the answer. Can i replace the low beam bulb with a 9006 led, or are modifications necessary (wiring harness , etc)?
  4. seattle80series

    For Sale  FJ80 OME 2" lift medium springs, front only (Seattle area)

    These units are used, I switched to the heavies. 80 cash. Bellevue pickup only. Sorry no pics but they're in the original box.
  5. seattle80series

    For Sale  4 Nitto Terra Grapplers LT265/75R 16 (Seattle area only)

    80-90% tread left, almost new. I went with bigger tires. Bellevue, pickup only. Best price I could find is 550 delivered. 350 cash. LT265/75R 16
  6. seattle80series

    Socal Valve adjustment

    Any reputable shops either in Ventura or Santa Barbara Counties for a valve job?
  7. seattle80series

    LA area shop for valve adjustment

    Any tips?
  8. seattle80series

    Leaking fuel tank

    Problem developed while i was on a road trip. When i fill it all the way up the tank leaks like a sieve, but only when i top it off. It was in the shop today for some other work, they replaced some hose but i found out that wasn't it when i filled up tonight. Any thoughts?
  9. seattle80series

    Santa Barbara shops

    Hi all, Are there any specialty 80's shops in Santa Barbara/Carp/Ventura/Goleta? Thanks.
  10. seattle80series

    Car won't start after being run hot in warm weather without a cool down

    This only happens when i've driven the car on the freeway for several hours in hot weather. After i stop somewhere and try to restart, nothing, no starter motor sound or anything. After giving it 10-20 minutes to cool down it'll restart just fine. For reference i do have the TRD supercharger. I...
  11. seattle80series

    Rising rate fuel pressure regulator

    Anybody know who makes one that'll fit the 80 series?
  12. seattle80series

    Stuttering Engine

    Hello all. I have a 80 with less than 100k miles. Generally well maintained. Recently replaced alternator, battery, spark plugs, starter, fresh oil, some of the belts. Since having that work done i've noticed two things. A much more pronounced whine both in idle an when i step on the gas. Now it...
  13. seattle80series

    For Sale  80 Series jump seats

    Good condition 400.00, Seattle area pickup only.
  14. seattle80series

    For Sale  85' 4runner valance

    Brand new in factory primer. Prefer Seattle area sale. Asking 50.
  15. seattle80series

    For Sale  80 Series jump seats

    Specifically for a 95' and the compatible years. Both are in very good condition. My preference is to sell them local in the Seattle area as i think shipping would be a challenge. Asking 500. When i called toyota they told me they don't sell jump seats complete but as parts and the total price...
  16. seattle80series

    arb/warn 9.5xp/hella 4000

    I know there are clearance issues with both the warn and hella. I'm wondering if anybody has successfully used this combo on the arb bumper. Thanks.
  17. seattle80series

    4WD question

    Well i have a unusual question. I recently had my radiator and one 02 sensor replaced (bank 1 sensor 1). Now we've had snow in my area for the last week or so. Prior to having the work done my cruiser performed beautifully in the snow. Since then it feels like a 2WD car, slips and slides all...
  18. seattle80series

    Seattle area radiator help

    Does anybody know a reputable shop on the eastside that can replace a radiator? thanks.
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