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  1. CarterTheFarter

    Sound system

    I recently got the Sony XAV-V10BT Double DIN that has the Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) technology. I had no idea what this was, i just wanted a plain looking head unit, but it is awesome. Setting the DSO in high makes the speakers sound like they're in the dash instead of down low by my feet. I...
  2. CarterTheFarter

    H4 Headlight Options - what do YOU run?

    If this guy was driving behind me with these low beams i would be pissed. I appreciate your hard work and a lot of your products are awesome but sometimes things just don't work out. How are claiming these don't blind people as you state with these photos alone? Have you actually used these...
  3. CarterTheFarter

    Bragging rights over. 3FE quit and won't restart

    I don't think this is your issue because you already stated that you heard your pump. This is for anyone searching this thread with no fuel pump noise. If the connector in the drivers rear quarter is corroded you wouldn't hear the fuel pump running. The issue would be broken ground or 12v to...
  4. CarterTheFarter

    Need trustworthy mechanic for 100 series timing belt and misc

    Hey guys, I am looking for a mechanic i can trust to do a timing belt and other related maintenance including a heater core flush. I've had all the parts sitting in the garage for the past year, just don't have time these days. Can you guys recommend anyone besides torfab to do this. I am in...
  5. CarterTheFarter


    Sometimes when the gas tank is full on a 62 the temp gauge will spike. I believe this is because they share the same ground or something like that. So first make sure its actually overheating. If it is in fact over heating, try to park a little up hill and run the truck with a funnel of coolant...
  6. CarterTheFarter

    best modern replacement center console for FJ62 that works with rear heater

    Cruiser Crap console is NLA. They are all Generic and will take some modification for the rear heater. In a recent thread, @TRAIL TAILOR seemed to be contemplating building a console if the demand was there.
  7. CarterTheFarter

    FJ62 Front Door Speakers using factory grills. Best Modern replacement speaker option?

    Adaptors from @TheNeek work perfect. Get some of those and you're all set.
  8. CarterTheFarter

    Cruiser Crap console no longer available?

    I'm interested as well.
  9. CarterTheFarter

    Stolen FJ62

    Ill Keep an eye out in North Kitsap. Was it taken from your house or out in town?
  10. CarterTheFarter

    Wanted 1986 FJ60 Transfercase rear half

    Also give Georg at Valley Hybrids a call if you haven't already done so.
  11. CarterTheFarter

    Having problems removing my FJ62 gas tank, Am I missing something ?

    Double check that your hoses are disconnected and out of the way and your sway bar mounts are disconnected. It should pop right out.
  12. CarterTheFarter

    Fifteen52 Analog Wheels/FJCo Wheels on FJ62 ... Wheel Options

    Perfect.. ok. But for anyone wanting to get a wider tire they are not. And just because its been done doesn't mean its perfect. It means its all one had. Are tire manufactures retarded? Or is there a reason that they have a wheel width range for every size tire?
  13. CarterTheFarter

    Fifteen52 Analog Wheels/FJCo Wheels on FJ62 ... Wheel Options

    Not so sure that 7'' is the number. It was mentioned because it would work. Anywhere between 7 and 8 would be fine in my opinion. A 6 inch wide wheel is even skinny for the 255/85.
  14. CarterTheFarter

    Fifteen52 Analog Wheels/FJCo Wheels on FJ62 ... Wheel Options

    I know Braid has certain sizes over on the Teamilluminata website that are cheaper. I am thinking it is because they are ordered in bulk. I bet if there is enough interest in the wider version we might get lucky. @The FJ Company what do we need to do to get some 7'' wide wheels?? On a side note...
  15. CarterTheFarter

    Fifteen52 Analog Wheels/FJCo Wheels on FJ62 ... Wheel Options

    FJCo wheels are made by Braid. Although for some reason they do not mention this. Braid wheels are high quality and for any of their wheels you can choose size, width, backspacing, center bore diameter, bolt pattern and color. You can even add two different beadlock options. I wonder why FJCo...
  16. CarterTheFarter

    Fifteen52 Analog Wheels/FJCo Wheels on FJ62 ... Wheel Options

    fjco has a wheel made by Braid that is similar and can have a cap. They're 16s though. Also I think @ProwlerDriver has the Fifteen52 wheels but in a 16. Id imagine the offset is the same.
  17. CarterTheFarter

    Benefits of moving to a Gear Reduction starter???

    If I’m reading your original question correctly, you are looking for a starter that will start your motor faster. So it doesn’t turn over so much before it fires. If this is true, I think that a gear reduction starter will just make it worse by turning your flywheel slower. The oem starter seems...
  18. CarterTheFarter

    Benefits of moving to a Gear Reduction starter???

    I’m all for people like him coming up with products that will help me and the community. I’ve purchased from him in the past. The point is, he his cluttering up the best tech forum on the internet with T-ten college level BS (random videos and sales pitches) and then linking his parts for sale.
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