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  1. dfclimber

    FJ55 on craigslist- no relation

    New Pig listed on craigslist no relation ***RARE 1977 TOYOTA FJ55**
  2. dfclimber

    Can the Rollbar be reinstalled with hardtop ON

    1981 fj40 . Hardtop has been off all summer and fall. I just removed the 3 piece factory roll bar (main hoop and 2 side hoops) and sent it to be painted. I am inpatient and want to put the hard top on this weekend as it seems easier while the rollbar is off. Am I (has anyone)been able to...
  3. dfclimber

    Clutch hydraulic hose

    1981 fj40 which is a driver -( not going for show points) I am going to be replacing clutch master and slave. Hard line is in good shape but I was looking to replace the 12" rubber hydraulic hose from hard line to slave. This hose does not seem to exist (but can be made at hydraulic shops)...
  4. dfclimber

    Bikini tops -best top vs sor vs others

    Top is now off. Does anyone have an opinion on makers of bikini tops ie best top vs sor vs others? or are they all the same
  5. dfclimber

    Spinning windshield captured nut

    1981 fj40 spring is here and I am preparing to take the hardtop off. I have all other bolts out except for one of the 2 bolts on the outside where the windshield meets the hardtop. It seems that the captured nut is spinning inside the windshield frame. Any tips on removing this? If it cut the...
  6. dfclimber

    Wanted 5 wagon wheels

    Looking for 5 wagon wheels to fit 1981fj40 with front disks. Prefer 7 or 8" width. Fj60 and aftermarket acceptable. Located North of Boston
  7. dfclimber

    Aftermarket D window or wagon wheels that fit

    Looking for some aftermarket 15x7-8 black wagon wheels or D window that will fit a late model ie 1981 fj40 with front disks. I know 3.5 bs is the magic #. "Some" say that 3.75bs will fit but most of those are on older fj40s with drums. I know I could run .25 spacers. And yes I have read faqs...
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