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  1. Downey

    Wanted F-155 Valve Cover Decal

    I need a new F-155 valve cover decal, but way too cheap to pay suppliers $15.00 for one (just don't need it that badly). If anyone has an extra laying around, I can send some PayPal $$$, lemme know.
  2. Downey

    Freebie 3 Speed Tranny & Transfer-Case

    This could go into classified, but since it's a freebie (for local pick up only) I will put it in both locations. I ended up with a complete 3 speed tranny and transfer for 30 bucks at an estate sale. I robbed the tranny floor shifter and 4WD floor shifter, did some testing/measuring on the...
  3. Downey

    Wanted 3 Speed V8 Adapter Plate Only

    I need the thick 3 speed adapter plate only (spacer plate between Chevy V8 bellhousing and 3 speed tranny), I already have the adapter bearing retainedr, trying to complete the adapter assembly.
  4. Downey

    For Sale Downey TBI Adapters

    Finally, I've approached a new foundry for casting the popular Downey TBI conversion adapters, got a better price, and a quicker delivery, should have whole new inventory right after first of year. These will cost the customary $139.95, but include the laser cut linkage mounting bracket, both...
  5. Downey

    4WD Floor Shifter Gee Whiz Info

    When using the original Toyota 4WD floor shifter with a non-Toyota transmission on a Chevota conversion the transmission adapter manufacturer (Advance Adapters or Downey) normally provides a new mounting bracket for the 4WD floor shifter pivot pin, necessary since the stock transmission pivot...
  6. Downey

    Hog Guy Requested Pics Of My 45

    74HogGuy requested more photos of the FJ45 I built, and sold. Unfortunately the Upload File system will only let me post 5 photos?????
  7. Downey

    Air Cleaner Decal Source???

    I need a new decal for 1969-74 FJ40 air cleaner, was going to buy from, but didn't' feel like paying $8.80 postage when the decal could have been mailed in a regular envelope for 49 cents postage. Am I being a major tight wad, or is there a better deal out there?????
  8. Downey

    Wanted 79-83 Front turn lamp stanchions

    I need a pair of the grey plastic stanchions/stands that the early 1970's front turn lamps sit on.
  9. Downey

    Wanted 1970-73 Front Turn Lamp Grey Stands

    I need a pair of the small grey plastic stands that the 1970-73 FJ40 front turn signal lamps sit on (spacer between lamp and fender). Contact Jim Sickles at, thanks.
  10. Downey

    Steering instructions

    taco360, send me your snail mail address for the freebie Saginaw instruction sheets, takes too long to send electronically. You could also check to see if johnnyc has it posted up here on mud somewhere.
  11. Downey

    Downey TBI Adapters back on the market

    Not only did I grab a whole new deal with Downy's old aluminum casting supplier, I'm even getting more of the Downey Holley 350 air cleaner castings and the Downey TBI air cleaner castings. The TBI adapters are already machined and in stock now.
  12. Downey

    Heavy DutyFJ40/45 Skid Plates

    They're back, Downey 1/4" thick chassis/belly skid plates. The two guys who hounded me to build another batch did not step forward once the batch was done, so all y'all get next dibs. PM me if you have any interest. You guys can try to determine your own freight charges===4X24X32, 41 Lbs.
  13. Downey

    World's largest (Pomona) swap meet has Landcruiser parts.

    Just got home from the Pomona swap meet, I scored: FJ40 rear fender flares (mounting holes never drilled), no box, has scuffs. FJ40 running board set. PO had them rhino lined, but very thin coat. FJ40 1980-84 grille panel (headlight bezel). Two small dings I will repair, not candidate for chrome...
  14. Downey

    Heads Up, Aux. Tank Skid Plates Available Again

    I quit making the aluminum skid plates for the Downey/Marks/Con Ferr 22 gal. aux tanks due to lack of interest. As human nature predicts, as soon as I discontinued them everyone wanted one. Ok, they are back, see my ebay #262207411853.
  15. Downey

    Wanted 3 Speed Floor Shift Top Pins Needed

    David Stinchcomb (mud member) was nice enough to gift me a 3 speed floor shift. The two top pins at top of the casting neck are shot, anybody have a line on these???
  16. Downey

    1978 Parts Prices- - -Gee Whiz Information

    I've already turned over all of the old Downey catalogs to JohnnyC, but I did find an old 1978 Downey price sheet the other day. Here's what your daddy paid for his accessories back in the day: Positraction $275.00 6 Cyl. Header $89.95 2 1/2" Exhaust $64.95 Chevota...
  17. Downey

    In-Tank Pump For Downey Fuel Cell

    Well guys and gals, I gotter done, a new kit for mounting any electric pump (any pressure) inside the Downey rear fuel cell/aux. tank. I posted photos on my ebay store, item #251786797897. Only problem is I have yet to make the kits, but they are a no brainer.
  18. Downey

    New Aux.Tank In-Tank Pump for Injected Engines

    Just finished prototyping in tank pump for Downey aux. fuel cell, came out very rad !!!! Will get photos up (a) as soon as I take them, and (b) once I figure out how to post photos on the new and improved MUD (ok for someone to school me on this) What's really neat is the new hardware will...
  19. Downey

    For Sale Stock 3 Speed Tranny- - -Free

    I have a decent Landcruiser 3 speed transmission, missing top shifting cover, absolutely free to anyone who lives near Brea, California (Orange County), PM me to arrange pick up if interested.
  20. Downey

    For Sale TBI Conversion Starter Kits

    I presently have a couple TBI conversion "partial kits" listed in my ebay store, one has throttle body, air cleaner, adapter for Lancruiser, and throttle cable kit (ebay #251574225226), it's air cleaner is only 6 3/8" diameter so does not hit brake cylinder. The other kit is throttle body and...
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