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    Builds Fj40 re-rebuild!

    I would like to add to the previous in progress version picture list.
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    Builds Fj40 re-rebuild!

    I cannot wait to see more out of this! Keep updating us!
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    Leaf Spring Center Pin

    So, I sheared (shore?!) my leaf spring centering pin on my rear leaf pack and the whole axle decided to shift forward on my pack and I guess I am wondering what people use as a heavy duty pin? Something that is unlikely to shear off again? Any good recommendations? (As a side note, I am...
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    craigslist 2007 BMW 328xi

    TTT - price lowered to $15.5k
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    craigslist 2007 BMW 328xi

    Up for sale is a 2007 328xi. The craigslist ad is posted here: Ask any questions you want and I will answer! -IIB-
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    FJ62 Turbo Kit for 3FE

    I am curious who the previous owner was of this system as I would like to ask him a few questions about it that would sway whether I make an offer on this or not. Please let me know. Thanks, -IIB-
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    SOA 60 travelling north on 101 SF

    Second. Ok I guess third then. Rule #2 Double Tap. Thats where my mind wandered first. I do like it too. I would assume it is someone on a transcontinental trek as well.
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    My 60 is a sherman tank

    A little off topic, but what rims do you have, I have one of those as a spare and want it to be all the way around but do not know what it is. Thanks -Kiel-
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    2 Lo issue

    Oh, I can just shift from 4hi to 2hi easily while moving but not while at a standstill... hmmm...
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    Fj60 Scale Models

    still waiting for this model....
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    2 Lo issue

    I always shift it from 4lo to 2lo while moving.... not sure if that is bad or not, but I can't shift form 4hi to 2hi unless moving so I figured it was the same on the other side. :meh:
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    Builds Project Bob

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    Some Pics From Tonight

    In my opinion, Rig and Baxter have the two sickest and nicest rigs on this site. Baxter yours is EPIC and Rigo that thing has always been my model while I build mine
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    Trailer Wiring

    I own a 1988 FJ62, trying to wire it for towing. I found this: Trailer Parts Superstore - Hoppy Toyota T-Connector Kit #43315 It is for an 1984-1994 toy truck, or the Tacos from 95-04. Does anyone know if the wiring plugs are the same as the ones at the back of the FJ62? will this harness...
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    RHD-LHD Calling on the experts

    personally I would love to have a RHD 62, mine is LHD but RHD would just be sweet. I will trade you!! ;)
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    Shackle extention- how high is still safe

    This is also the same for me, a little sway and wobble, but it keeps you n your toes and more attentive. I have the 5.5in Marlin Crawler Shackle plates and yeah they have a little sway and wobble to them, no sway bars, and yes, they are definitely Rock catchers, I that that should be your...
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    Wanted WTB: ARB Air Locker Parts

    I am currently looking for several parts that I need for my ARB Air Locker. I currently only have the main part, the actual diff, and need the Airlines (if in good shape) and the Locker Solenoid. Also if someone has a heavy duty on-board air compressor for fairly cheap then I might be interested...
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    Stuttering and Stalling

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    Stuttering and Stalling

    That might be a possibility, but when it starts to stutter, I can give it some gas and it will stay running, it just seems to not be able to hold a good idle. If I keep the rpms up at what the idle should be, the truck will stay running... could this still be a bad ground somewhere?? thanks...
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    Stuttering and Stalling

    So my 88 Fj62 is having a few problems. When ever I flex it out, it starts to stutter and die. at first I thought it my be my fuel lines or pump because I would be at some odd angle. But then I was trying to soften my springs a little so I parked on two wheel ramps. One under the front passenger...
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