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  1. NYNick

    Transmission pan removal

    Ha! Too late on the O ring if there ever was one. The pan is back on. I guess it makes sense there was an O ring at the junction of the pan tube and the dipstick tube but so far so good. Meanwhile I woke up to a leaking pan this AM. Took it out and warmed her up at bit and have been torqing the...
  2. NYNick

    Transmission pan removal

    Got it! That tube was stuck on there pretty well. PB Blaster and several tries with the torch, gently jiggling the pan so as to not break or bend the tube finally loosened it enough to come off. Cleaning and replacing next.
  3. NYNick

    Transmission pan removal

    Gasket is leaking so I thought I'd replace it. The pan is hung up where the dip stick tube connects to the dipstick tube running to the engine compartment. I can see the's only about a foot away from the pan. I looked up the diagram of the pan and can see this tube extension is...
  4. NYNick

    Cannot Figure this out! FJ62 Tech

    Forget the books. Fill, check, drive, check. Nothing takes 'capacity'.
  5. NYNick

    God awful noise...water pump?

    Agree. Sounds just like the video in this thread below. Would it leak as a result? Do I just replace the whole thing? 1, 2, 3 bananna job? Is there a tech article somewhere? Knock knock
  6. NYNick

    God awful noise...water pump?

    Just when I was loving my truck so much! Started it today and it was making a horrible noise....loose chain, clanking, banging. Managed to limp it home and it drove ok, kinda sluggish. After I parked it there was dirty oil looking fluid underneath that turned out to be dirty antifreeze I think...
  7. NYNick

    Stumbling, stalling on way to!!

    UPDATE! I decided to start with the easy stuff and work backwards from there. I ordered a new OEM coil (had aftermarket), new NGK wires (weren't that old) new OEM rotor and new OEM distributor cap. These cost a little over $100. When I went over the truck top to bottom 4 years ago I guess I...
  8. NYNick

    Stumbling, stalling on way to!!

    The IMM doesn't work on my truck...nobody does but me! It was just happenstance that I limped into that garage since I was having issues. I've known those guys for a long time, and I only let them do my NY Inspections.
  9. NYNick

    Stumbling, stalling on way to!!

    I don't have a choke...or a carb. I did in fact put 2 bottles of Techron in before it happened again, along with some 93 premium. In checking my past notes I can't find any reference to replacing the cap and rotor when I went over the whoe car 3 years ago, or the plug wires, although they're NGK...
  10. NYNick

    Party trick question

    Do the rodney flush first. Then, be very careful to get exactly the right of fluid back in. These transmissions are very fickle about the proper level. It took me 3 times, drivng around the block and checking, filling, checking, driving etc get it just right. After I did, all my issues...
  11. NYNick

    Stumbling, stalling on way to!!

    Could it timing too?
  12. NYNick

    1989 Land Cruiser FJ62?

    I mean what can you buy for $2500?
  13. NYNick

    Stumbling, stalling on way to!!

    Ok, so after this happened last week the idiot monkey mechanic put plugs in...meanwhile, my old plugs looked just fine. However, the truck ran great and got me around. I put some Techron in it for giggles, and the truck was running great...did over 100 miles yesterday. Today was fine...
  14. NYNick

    Stumbling, stalling on way to!!

    Well, the mechanic said it was running on 4 cylnders...I tend not to beleive him, becuase he's an idiot. He's going to look at replacing the wires (good, new ones 3 years old), the cap and rotor (good, new one 3 years old) and take a look at the plugs. I doubt it's any of those things but he's...
  15. NYNick

    Stumbling, stalling on way to!!

    Truck was giving me some early symptoms, but today it died on the highway. It started again and I limped it to work and to a gas station across the street. Running very rough, stumbling, stalled twice, almost didn't start the second time. Seems putting under load exasperates the problem...I'm...
  16. NYNick

    FJ62 runs rough climbing hills, timing issue?

    Here.... I never did resolve this problem. I'm guessng a new cap and rotor would be a good idea based on the responses to my thread.
  17. NYNick

    got a weekend project coming up. any tips or hints?

    Nice job on the coolant. Did this same thing a few years back and flushed the block drain as well. Crap came out. When refilling the transmission, don't go by what comes out. Refill by FSM procedure. Fill, drive, check, fill, drive, check until you get the level perfect. These transmission are...
  18. NYNick

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    With all 3, 20's something kids home for a relatives wedding, we took the Cruiser, all 5 of us! To say this wedding was over the top would be an understatement, considering the NYC captains of industry that attended. Icing on the cake was when the bodyguards (yes, some attendees had men in...
  19. NYNick

    Free A/C Compressor? FJ62

    So after coming back from vacation last week, there on my doorstep was a box from a MUD recommended supplier containing what appears to be a REMAN A/C compressor. Excellent! Except I ordered one last year, got it, installed it, and the A/C now works great. So what is this? After calling them...
  20. NYNick

    Weeping Radiator Hose???

    Screeching sounds like a loose belt…. Poor man's compressor idea doesn't sound too good…the vacuum will just bog down. You need a cheap compressor anyway just to fill tires! Good luck!
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