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    When to service injectors?

    If the truck is running rough or if your fuel economy drops, I would have them serviced. If not, there is a good chance it is something else. Why throw money away?
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    A440 reliability

    Sold my trusty BJ60 and am looking at an 89 HJ60 with the auto. How is the reliability of these trannies? I had the 5-speed so I have no idea what to look for. Thanks for any insights. The truck has 260 km and is a JDM.
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    3B primer pump

    I replaced mine with a Bosch. Better than the stock unit because it has a check valve so you don't have to screw it down after priming to bleed. Black plastic top (heavy duty) and machined aluminum bottom. 4 years and no problems. Cheap too.
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    how to tighten injector lines

    I think I got it. More grease to get it turning smoothly. Probably not tightening enough to start. Pulls very nicely with the new injectors. Thanks for the replies.
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    how to tighten injector lines

    The injectors, from HIFlo in Aus came with all new seats and gaskets. They are all in the right position. Anyway, the leak is not from under the injectors, just where the lines connect on the pump and the injectors. After a good run last night, there are to to the pump and one to injector 4...
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    how to tighten injector lines

    Dumb question, I know. I have had them off before. Any tricks to getting them to stop leaking upon reinstallation. I just swapped in some rebuilt injectors. Thanks for any ideas. 84' BJ60 317km
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    For Sale 1983 Landcruiser FJ60 Cummins 6BT Turbo Diesel

    Admittedly, this is a very dreamy cruiser. It is worth a good chunk of coin. However, it is still a 27 year old truck that comes with no warranty. 35 is just too much…Someone has to say it.
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    For Sale 1984 FJ60 99.9% stock, 144K, 2nd owner, Tan/tan

    Comparing this truck with the frame repairs I have done on my BJ60, I don't think the frame has anything to hide besides a little surface rust. It looks as though the rockers will need attention before too long though unless they're well undercoated. It's what comes from the inside that gets...
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    bj60 power steering

    Someone mentioned on here before that there is a screen in the reservoir that can clog. He put a hole through his with a screwdriver and then it was fine. You might also try flushing it and refilling with new fluid before you go through all the trouble of working a different system in there.
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    Diesel smell

    Drive it…sniff it…love it. This is old technology. On the other hand, unilke some of Toyoda's new vehicles, it doesn't have a computer that may try to kill you when you least expect it.
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    Front crankshaft seal

    You'll need a Harmonic Balancer puller that will thread in the HB if I"m not mistaken and pull it off easily when you thread in the center with a socket. I have changed mine twice. Easy, time consuming since you have to pull the belts and the rad. Find yourself a piece of abs pipe or some such...
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    Emergency question- 2H blowing oil out exhaust

    Front crank seal? It's right under the fan. Mine leaks a little and I have changed it twice. Harmonic balancer wears till its grooved then it starts to leak. Maybe under hard driving (freeway speeds) it could spray more out? Do you have the right viscosity oil?
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    Fuel Tank Recall For Diesel 60's

    Dealer here in Canada said the BJ60' tanks were no longer available new. Got a used from Cruiserparts that still had the original paint on it. Cheap. Replaced the spout with new from the dealer. The previous had already been glassed and was leaking at the seam as well. Fixed the straps by...
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    1983 BJ60 Clutch Probelm - Help!!

    The only place that makes sense to install a soft copper washer is the hose connection. You will what comes off and just do the same. BTW…make sure to install the hose to the slave (snug only) before you attach the unit to the frame or you might feel stupid as I did since you can't twist the...
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    Starting when cold

    The two best things you can do to make winter starting easy… 1. manual glow Wilson Switch (very easy) 2. in-line lower rad hose circulating heater But, if with good batteries starting is still rough, have your starter checked. It can make a huge difference if it drags. If you've had the...
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    Garrett 2052 install on a 3B w/pics and video

    No flex pipe? I guess maybe it's down lower than the photo.
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    1983 BJ60 Clutch Probelm - Help!!

    Dead easy, I've changed mine 3 times, usually in the snow. Just find a pretty friend to help you bleed it after the install. Same as brakes…pump and hold…open/close…repeat until not spongy. Keep topping the fluid in the reservoir as you do this. Merry Christmas!
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    Tach troubles

    I'm thinking it's in the tach itself as when I turn the key on the needle jumps a little as if it is connected. It just doesn't do it's tacky thing. I just don't know how I can test it.
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    Tach troubles

    I switched a used one in with no success. Today, I pulled and checked the sender and it gave me 480 ohms. Is there a way to check the tach itself? Thanks for any help. 84 BJ60
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    burning smell on long hills

    Well, I tried the curb thing and I'm still undecided. Engine at about 800 rpm. Let out the clutch in second and killed the engine. Tried it in first and again killed the engine. A little chatter before it dies. Hmm…
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