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  1. spongejosh

    Wanted Advance Adapters 712579

    I need an Advance Adapters kit 712579. It's the Dodge NV4500HD to Landcruiser 6 cyl (2f) kit. I called AA and they no longer make the kit. If you have one sitting around I'd love to put some money in your pocket! I would still be interested if you only had the adapter plate, I'm sure I...
  2. spongejosh

    Wanted FJ60 transfercase and extra pto gears

    *EDIT* I found everything. Thanks MUD! I'm collecting parts for my engine/trans swap and I'd like a spare transfer case so I can get the NV4500 and split case bolted up before I pull out the old stuff. Any FJ60 transfercase will work. The closer to Denver the better but I'm willing to pay...
  3. spongejosh

    Wanted FJ62 leaf springs near Denver

    I'm starting to collect parts for my 84' SOA and I'd like to upgrade to FJ62 springs. I'm looking for good condition, fully intact, stock 62 leaf packs for all 4 corners. The closer to Denver the better. PM me if you've got some. Thanks, Josh
  4. spongejosh

    84 FJ60 transmission and transfer case overhaul

    My “new” 1984 FJ60 is leaking like a sieve. I’ve replaced the PS pump and cleaned up that mess. Since then I’ve noticed it’s still dripping from the trans/t-case. I haven’t climbed under and removed the skid plate to see exactly where it is coming from. The oil pan gasket and rear main should be...
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