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  1. hambone008


    So all I’ve done is add a leaf all the way around to my FJ62. Need new shocks. Do I need to get any different than the OEM?
  2. hambone008

    New shocks?

    Looking for new shocks for my FJ62. All I’ve done is add a leaf all the way around. Which Bilsteins would I need? Thanks guys!
  3. hambone008

    Rear Bumper

    So my 62 got nailed by a drunk driver and now I can go rear bumper shopping. I have a 4plus front bumper but im trying to stay under $1000. I dont need the tire holder or anything, just a good looking, well built, rear bumper. Any reccomendations? Thanks in advance And no, no kits
  4. hambone008

    Been a while

    Hey Mudders! Haven't been on in years. Just thought I'd hop on and say howdy. Since I last posted I've left Lubbock Tx to return home to Durango Co. Life is good. Tonto took a brief hiatus as he was stored at a friends house for a year and then just kept on the back burner until we settled...
  5. hambone008

    Voodoo 62

    So today as normal the Cruiser started right up. Drive to the beer store and turned right off. Got back in and started it and it started like normal but I could hear the starter keep turning as it was running. So I turned the ignition off and pulled they key out. It's still running and starter...
  6. hambone008

    Heater Valve

    so I'm troubleshooting my heater that has just stopped putting out warm air. Blowing ice cold. Want to inspect the heater valve first. Can anyone tell me the best way to find it? How to check it? Thanks in advance.
  7. hambone008

    New bumper if I can get the old mounts off

    How the hell do I get these brackets off??
  8. hambone008

    1988 fj 62 maf

    OME MAF sensor for sale. Original working fine. $60 ships it to you.
  9. hambone008

    Tie Rod End question

    Is this TRE bent? I thought for sure it was when I was pulling it, but then I went to CruiserOutfitters page to order a new set and it seems maybe its supposed to be like this. If so should I replace the set anyways? They seem to be very old but they hold grease fine and haven't had any...
  10. hambone008

    Stuck in Low Tranny Problems

    So about a year ago I dropped the pan cleaned the screen and gave the tranny a good servicing. I've had no problems with it since I bought it almost 3 years ago. Today driving home from work out of nowhere it was stuck in first. I limped it into the nearest parking lot at 15mph and...
  11. hambone008

    Real Time Help Throttle body

    Giving it a good cleaning today. What is the best way to clean the tons of build up in here?
  12. hambone008

    Wanted MAF needed asap

    I'm looking for a good working MAF for my 1988 FJ62. Will to pay to ship just let me know if you have one.
  13. hambone008

    Real time help....I'm Back

    So since I last posted everything has been going well. Cruiser is my DD and has been running like a charm. Alternator went out last week and replaced it and had no problems. Than I got the itch. Bought new plugs, wires, rotor and cap. Today I pulled the air cleaner assembly, sanded it and...
  14. hambone008

    Rear brakes god as new Thanks to MUD!

    Today after gathering all the parts I decided to tackle my busted rear wheel cylinder issue. I'm by no means qualified to do this but with help from you guys I get some crazy confidence. Here's how I tackled this today. First you can see the inside of my tire covered in fluid. Started as a...
  15. hambone008

    Real time brake help

    I just finished replacing my passenger side wheel cylinder, along with new shoes, and brake hardware. That cylinder was pouring out fluid, but my other side seems fine. I have a Wagner premium replacement since I ordered two. Should I go ahead and replace it even though it's not OME and know...
  16. hambone008

    Getting Add A Leaf on Friday

    So I ordered my long add a leaf to help my Cruiser sag for the time being. Are new shackles, bushings, and U bolts a must? I figured the u bolts probably, but I'm gonna go with a lift in the next 2 years so I was trying to just get by with what I need and save for the rest. Just checking so I...
  17. hambone008

    Diagnosis Oil Problem

    So over the last year I have replaced my oil pan gasket, and installed a mech gauge to ease any oil fears. I have one small drip from the flywheel inspection cover that might drip once every 3 days, and a little more often when we're on the highway for an extended time. Figured maybe some was...
  18. hambone008

    Part List trans seal

    Hey guys I'm dropping my transfercase this week to swap out the seal from transfer/transmission. I'm on a couple hundred dollar budget but are there any "easy" parts I'd need to swap out while i'm in it? I have a lift so I should be good to go. Just checking. Thanks, Hambone
  19. hambone008

    New tires in the sand and on the rocks

    So a few weeks ago I got a good deal on these 31's. They are Federal M/Ts and so far I love them. Just put 230 hwy miles on them and it wasn't noisy or rough as expected. And off the road man they just killed the sand and mud. Didn't do a whole lot on the rocks, (no lift) but overall I am...
  20. hambone008

    Play time

    My life has been nothing but wrenching and chasing down leaks lately. So I decided to take the ole boy down to the lake for some fun in the dirt. And to try a few trails with the new tires. We had a blast. If it weren't for needing a new rear main seal this thing is running perfect...
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