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  1. MK80

    CDL and Lockers Blowing Fuses

    Hey all, I just had my 80 into Cruiser Outfitters last week to have them install an OD in my transfer case and while they had it I wanted them to look at my center diff lock and factory e lockers cause they were not working. They got them working when it was on the lift but then when they test...
  2. MK80

    Fixing Rear Wiring Issue

    So the PO tapped into the rear wiring harness at the rear of the vehicle to add a trailer light connector. So I am trying to undo what he did and reconnect the wires the way they were but I do not know wiring very well so I need help knowing what goes to what. I only have two wires coming from...
  3. MK80

    Is This A Bent Knuckle Ball

    It was like this before and after my recent knuckle rebuild so I am ruling out bad trunnion bearings.
  4. MK80

    Removing Rear Axle Hub Dowel Pins

    What is the best way to remove these? They seem like hardened steel and my vice grips cannot get a bite on them at all. I’m installing RCV axles and they have new dowel pins to use instead. TIA.
  5. MK80

    Setting Knuckle Preload Issue

    I am finishing rebuilding my knuckles and I'm running into a problem. When I disassembled my knuckle originally I don’t remember how many shims there were underneath the top cap and two bolts. But now with only the thinnest of shims I cannot get the preload to go over 4# before my spring gauge...
  6. MK80

    Rear Tail Light Female Packard Terminal Help

    PO did a number on the wiring of my rear tail light when he put a trailer connection in. I need to replace two of the female connectors. What size are they exactly and where is the best place to get them?
  7. MK80

    Hood Vent Louvre Measurements

    Can anyone take some measurements off of the hood vent louvres on a 40 series hood for me please? I am looking for how high up the louvre opening is above the hood and the spacing between the louvres. If you could use a measuring tape or ruler and take pictures of it that would be greatly...
  8. MK80

    Wanted Nitro Gear 5.29 Ring and Pinion for FZJ80

    I am looking for a brand new Nitro Gear 5.29 ring and pinion for an FZJ80 rear axle. TLC-529-NG. Thanks!
  9. MK80

    Front E-Locker Diff Stuck on Removal

    Title says it all. I am pulling the front e locked third member to regear it to 5.29 and it is good and stuck. The front axle is completely torn down, and the front was locked and verified it was locked before disassembly. It seems to be hanging up at the top passenger side of the housing. I...
  10. MK80

    FZJ80 Firewall

    Is there anyway to get behind this spot on the firewall? Would the sheet metal here be strong enough to hold a couple of rivnuts and an sPod?
  11. MK80

    SBC Alternator

    Tried searching for this on here and didn’t see anything come up. Has anyone on here have any experience with the SBC alternators that claim to be a drop in replacement fit to the existing alternator. SBC 1FZ-FE 180 Amp Alternator
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