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  1. Splangy

    Wanted  Early 40 Series Instrument Cluster Gauge Mounting Plates

    Looking for the two gauge mounting plates from the back on an early instrument cluster as pictured. Thanks.
  2. Splangy

    Wanted  12HT and 13BT Valve Covers

    Looking for a 12H-T and a 13B-T valve cover. Thanks.
  3. Splangy

    Wanted  12H-T Exhaust Manifold & Valve Cover

    looking for an exhaust manifold and valve cover for a 12HT Thanks!
  4. Splangy

    Wanted  40 Series Drivers Fender

    Looking for an OEM drivers side fender, preferably early, but can work with any year. Looking for something relatively solid and straight, but can work with a few dings and cancer spots.
  5. Splangy

    For Sale  ARB Full Length Roof Rack with 60 & 80 Mounting Kit

    Selling my ARB rack from my 80. Will also bolt right up to a 60 series as is. Can also be mounted to other models with fit kit for hat model. Has some scratches and a little surface rust on the bottom but is still in great shape. $600. SOLD.
  6. Splangy

    For Sale  80 Series OEM Floor Mats

    Have a set of front and second row floor mats in oak for sale. Front drivers side shows some wear and could use a good cleaning. Pictures make it look worse than it is for some reason. Passenger and second row are in excellent shape. $100 plus the ride.
  7. Splangy

    Wanted  Early Hardtop Roof Vent

    Looking for an early hardtop roof vent for my FJ25. Thanks
  8. Splangy

    Wanted  1968-1972 FJ40 Parts Needed (Updated 7/22)

    Looking for the following parts for the 1971 I’m working on: -two shouldered pivot bolts for front seats -inspection light socket (early style) -Hand throttle cable -choke cable Thanks!
  9. Splangy

    Trade  2 New Repro Hubcaps with holes for two without holes

    Looking to trade two of my repro hubcaps (Mojojo run) with hub holes for two without holes. Thanks
  10. Splangy

    Wanted  BJ40/42 Radiator Shroud

    Looking for a BJ40/42 radiator shroud. Thanks
  11. Splangy

    Wanted  1958-1965 Fiberglass Roof Cap

    Looking for an early fiberglass roof cap with or without a good steel drip edge. Willing to pay for shipping. I have tons of early corrugated steel side panels and a bunch of later fiberglass roof panels, but these early fiberglass caps seem to be the weak link in every early rig I pick up...
  12. Splangy

    Wanted  Under Seat Toolbox 1963-1972

    Looking for an underseat toolbox for early 40 in good condition. Just need the box and not the lid. I can do the final cuts if you give it a rough cut from the floor. Thanks.
  13. Splangy

    For Sale  30 Spline Aisin Hubs

    Just because there haven't been enough of these for sale lately.... Good used set with all hardware (minus a couple of flat lock washers) $125.
  14. Splangy

    For Sale  [NH] 1963-1970 FJ40 Front Seats

    Have a pair of early front seats. Frames are in excellent condition, but will need to be reupholstered. Somebody lengthened one of the front legs to fit an FJ25. Easy cut and weld. In the pictures, the Drivers seat has 1960-1962 frame on the bottom and isn't included. $150. Shipping isn't a...
  15. Splangy

    For Sale  H55F 5-Speed with 3B input shaft

    I have an h55f for sale from Canadian 3B. Not sure on km, but it looks good inside. Includes transfer. Asking $1300. Will ship.
  16. Splangy

    For Sale  Late 1962 Drivers Door and Under Seat Toolbox

    Have some leftovers I figured somebody could use. Door shell is the transition version with the early style door handles. Toolbox will need some work but isn't' too bad. Toolbox $50 Door $100
  17. Splangy

    F120 Cap & Rotor

    My FJ25 parts manual doesn't go back far enough. Anybody have the part number for the F120 cap and rotor? I haven't compared them to the F135 units yet so forgive me if they're the same. If not, I'm not holding up too much hope that they're still available. Are there aftermarket...
  18. Splangy

    Wanted  1958-1965 Hardtop Fiberglass Roof Cap

    Looking for a 1958-1965 25 or 40 series fiberglass roof cap. Willing to ship. Thanks
  19. Splangy

    16" OEM Steel Wheel Part Number?

    I searched and searched but couldn't find anything. Does anybody have the part number for non hubcap 16x5.5" steel wheels? One-piece, not split.
  20. Splangy

    Wanted  Looking For 5 16" Steelies. Splitrims or Otherwise.

    Looking for five 16" OEM Steelies, with or without hubcap clips. Splitrims or otherwise OK. Thnaks.
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