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  1. yesmar

    Wanted  1982 FJ40 Heater fan assembly

    forward of firewall part# 87130-60170
  2. yesmar

    Which side of the coil is negative?

    I am installing a tach in a 1982 FJ40. I need to tap the negative side of the coil, but there are no markings on the coil and the wires are both same color (all original wiring and coil, I think). The wires all seem to go to the igniter on top. Both post on the coil complete a circuit to ground...
  3. yesmar

    Costa Rica BJ40

    Looking for a little advice. I have an 82 FJ40 and an 89 FJ62, so I am familar with Landcruisers. I went for a test drive in a 1977 BJ40 yesterday. I have been interested in a diesel for some time, but had never driven one. Could anyone give me some pointers on potential issues that I should...
  4. yesmar

    Help with some OEM colors

    1982 FJ40 - repainting original wagon wheels. It appears they have been painted a brighter white. Is the right color cyngus white for both the wheels and top or is the 033 white (which is much whiter) correct? I am trying to keep original colors. Have searched the forum, but have not found a...
  5. yesmar

    Wanted  Single OEM white wagon wheel

    Have 4 need one for spare
  6. yesmar

    For Sale  Single OEM white wagon wheel

    Have 4 need one for spare. Oops this should be wanted not for sale....
  7. yesmar

    Wanted  Single OEM white wagon wheel

    Have a set of 4, need one for the spare.
  8. yesmar

    Wanted  Jack handle holder 1982 FJ40

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